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What Colour Floor with Grey Walls | How to Pick Your Colour

The decision about what colour floor with grey walls you have to make when designing a new home or renovating the existing one. Grey walls have been trendy and will probably be for some time. Grey is a versatile colour that exists in many shades and is suitable for almost any decorating scheme and any room in your home.

Modern loft open space apartment with wooden beams and floor, simple modern furniture, gray sofa, coffee table, brick wall, view from the living room - What Color Floor with Grey Walls

Choosing the floor colour that works with grey walls is not easy. Not because there are not plenty of colours of floors that can be harmoniously combined with grey. The problem is that floor colour cannot be changed as easily as the colour of walls if the fashion changes.

So, you have to put some serious thought into what colour floor to choose with grey walls. Depending on the room you are decorating and the type of floor you want, you have plenty of choices.

What Colour Floor with Grey Walls

Grey Walls With Wood Flooring

Wood, especially hardwood floors are desirable, timeless, durable and expensive. They can be re-stained if you get tired of a particular shade, but they are the most beautiful when used in their natural tone.

Grey walls with wood flooring - living room or saloon interior design with seat 3d rendering

Besides hardwood floors, wood floors come in several other forms: engineered wood, laminated flooring, bamboo, cork, parquet and some others. They all try to imitate natural wood colours, so whichever you choose, your options of colours are pretty much the same.

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Grey walls with light wood floors

Light-colour natural wood or bleached wood floors are contemporary, bright, cheerful and work fantastic with pale grey walls. You can use them in any room of your house, even the bathroom.

Corner of spacious Industrial style kitchen with dark grey walls, wooden floor, gray countertops and cupboards and comfortable dark wooden bar with stools.

If you want to combine a light wood floor with dark grey walls, use white baseboards to break the contrast. It would also give the room a modern edge.

Many types of wood are naturally pale, but any wood can be bleached to achieve that pale look that goes so well with grey walls. Think of Scandinavian interior design, minimalist and bright and so timeless.

Grey walls with medium-dark wood

Medium brown wood is warm and cosy but to make it work with grey walls you have to find just the right shade of grey. Try to get grey that has just a touch of beige in it, they would work nicer together.

Blue, wide chair standing on a rug in a spacious living room interior with grey walls and wooden floor next to a shelf and a table - Grey walls with medium-dark wood

If you really love grey walls and inherited medium brown floor that is too difficult to re-stain, place a large area rug on top of the floor in blue or red tones. Almost all antique rugs would work well, even multi-coloured ones.

Grey walls with cherry wood floors

Cherry wood flooring is magnificent and expensive but it would make your grey walled room look luxurious and elegant. Cherry wood red tone works well with all shades of grey and you have wide options when it comes to designing style.

Modern claret red wall detail with white background, grey sofa and pillow. Grey walls with cherry wood floors

A similar story goes for other reddish wood flooring such as mahogany, another luxury and expensive option. If you can afford it, go for it and with grey walls, you will have an outstanding room.

Grey walls with dark wood flooring

Minimalist bathroom interior with concrete floor,white wall background, beautiful plants. Grey walls with dark wood flooring

Dark wood flooring is elegant and timeless and works wonderful with traditional design, but dark wood looks best with grey walls if it has a touch of grey or black in its stain. Use light grey for your walls, almost white, to make the room look bright and fresh. A few dark pieces of furniture and dark picture frames would make the room cohesive.

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Grey walls and grey wood flooring

For a natural combination, go for grey walls and grey wood floors which are easy to furnish and decorate. Grey stained wood flooring is fashionable and can be easily found in different shades of grey. You might want to use darker grey walls with light grey floors or other way round.

Grey dining room with wooden table and four chairs, wooden chest of drawers, side view. Grey walls and grey wood flooring

To avoid the space being too monochromatic, make the space livelier by cherry red or cobalt blue area rug.

You can use dark grey walls with dark grey wood flooring if your room is very bright and has plenty of natural light.  Otherwise, you would end up feeling like in a cave.

Grey walls and white wood flooring

There is no naturally white wood so if you want to have a white wood floor in your home you will have to paint it. Nothing wrong with it, you can even find pre-painted wooden flooring in the store, but be prepared for the extensive maintenance.

Livingroom interior wall mock up with gray fabric sofa and pillows on white background - What color floor with grey walls

The white floor looks wonderful with grey walls, crisp, clean and fresh. Together they make a very contemporary look that looks great in almost any style but would look best in a minimalist, rustic or modern room. With a white floor, you can choose any shade of grey and still have the same lovely contemporary look.

Choosing to paint your wood floor allows you to use cheaper wood, but you must use very good quality paint.

Grey walls and painted wood flooring

Besides painting your wood white, you can paint it any colour you desire that works great with your grey walls: red, yellow, orange, all shades of blue, even black. If your budget allows only cheaper wood flooring, painting it in one of the nice colours that work with your grey walls is very effective and budget-friendly.

Pastel interior in classic style with soft armchairs and lamps - What color walls with grey floor

You can let your imagination soar when painting your wood floor. You can make stripes, chevron patterns, even use stencils and make any pattern you like. Just keep in mind that colours should work well with your grey walls. And that if you go too crazy, you will get tired of it quickly and will have to repaint the whole thing. Combining grey and white in patterns would look very elegant.

One good thing about painting a wooden floor is that you can sand it and paint it some other colour when you get tired of the one you have. It is also great fun to find just the right colour that goes with your beautiful grey walls.

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Grey Walls and Tiles

It is not common to use tiles in all rooms of the house unless you live in a tropical country, but in some rooms, they offer great advantage and come in thousands of colours, colour combinations and patterns. It is fairly easy to find just the right colour tiles to go with your grey walls.

Modern bathroom with grey tiles, seamless, luxurious interior background. What color to paint walls with grey floor

The best rooms to use tiles for flooring are bathrooms, kitchens and entryway.

Grey walls and white marble tiles

White marble is a luxury and very beautiful type of flooring and it would make your grey walls stand out beautifully. The combination would make a room large and bright and oh so luxurious.  You can use any shade of grey with white marble tiles. Look for marble with natural grey veining.

Charming and luxury living room in gray and white with glass table and glamour style corner sofa - Grey walls and white marble tiles

Grey walls and white marble would make magnificent bathrooms and entryways. A large porch or a balcony would also look great in grey and white.

Grey walls and marble tiles in other colours

Marble is very beautiful and it comes in many shades and with natural veining and patterns. If you are trying to combine it with grey walls, stick to grey tones, white with grey or reddish veining or even blue patterns.

Empty room with grey marble flooring and wall decoration - Grey walls and marble tiles in other colours

Marble can come in darker shades of grey and even black and all of them would work wonderfully with grey walls. The darker your floor tiles are the lighter shade grey of walls should be.

Keep in mind that marble is difficult to maintain and can stain easily. It is not recommended for high traffic areas.

Grey Walls and Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles have been popular flooring material for ever. They are affordable and come in an endless number of colours and patterns. There is surely one that you would like with your grey walls.

Grey walls and black and white patterned tiles

Ceramic tiles are often an affordable choice for kitchens and bathrooms and there is a fantastic range of choices that would look great with your grey walls.

Minimalistic bathroom interior with brick walls, tiled floor, black bathtub with round mirror hanging above it and wooden shelves for towels to the left

You can choose one-colour tiles in bright colours such as yellow or cherry, or you can choose a pattern that you like that combines grey with other colours that work with grey.

When choosing patterned multi-coloured tiles for your kitchen, you have to think not only about your grey walls but about the colour of your cabinets and kitchen counters. They all have to work together to create a harmonious look.

You cannot go wrong if you stick to the grey colour palette, but in different shades, patterns and materials.

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Grey Walls With Concrete Floors

Concrete floors are all the rage for all rooms of the house these days, especially for the so desirable open-plan homes. Long are gone the days when you would use concrete floors only for your garage.

Of course, concrete in other rooms besides the garage gets high polish and often a different colour.

Shot of a spacious modern flat - Grey Walls With Concrete Floors - What floor color goes with grey walls

Grey walls look great with the natural grey colour of highly polished concrete. They make the room look very modern and easily achieve a high-class industrial look.

Since concrete floor can be painted, you can make it any colour you like that goes with your grey walls: dark red, orange, pink or even black. Of course, by now you know that with dark floors you should choose lighter grey shade walls.

It might surprise you to learn that concrete flooring is expensive, often more expensive than hardwood floors. It has to do with the  highly qualified labour that is required to make them right.

Grey Walls and Vinyl Floors

Modern vinyl floors are not the floors you remember from your grandma’s kitchen. If you want a floor that goes great with your grey walls, you might be tempted by modern vinyl floors for many reasons.

They are much better quality than in the past; available in endless colours and patterns, even looking like wood or stone; soft underfoot, they are waterproof, resistant to high traffic, resistant to dog claws and kids bikes. Also they are fairly easy to install.

Bright white chairs with tables and seatings with indoor plants, pairing with a floor-to-ceiling wooden shelving. Grey concrete floor. Grey Walls and Vinyl Floors - What Color Floor with Grey Walls

You can find a lovely vinyl floor for a very reasonable price, or you can choose a luxury vinyl flooring that costs almost as much as hardwood. But just think of its durability. And you can find vinyl flooring in turquoise that you love so much with your grey walls. Try finding that in hardwood.

Grey Walls and Natural Stone

You will not want to use the stone floor in any room of your house, but if your kitchen has grey walls, grey or blue natural stone tiles would look absolutely fantastic. Costly, difficult to maintain, but fantastic.

white building near swiming pool - Grey Walls and Natural Stone - What Color Floor with Grey Walls

You can also use natural stone tiles on patios, in the bathrooms, in the entryway and on balconies and they would look great with pale grey, but also with bluish-grey or dark grey. The more natural light you have the darker grey walls you can safely paint.

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Grey Walls and Carpets

If you are using a designer to help you choose flooring for your grey walls, do not bother trying to convince him or her to use carpet. For some reason, they strongly resist choosing this wonderful and versatile material. They consider carpets old-fashioned and would not use it even if it makes a lot of sense.

Panorama of elegant white, attic bedroom with big, gray quilted bed and armchair with two golden coffee tables - Grey Walls and Carpets

Like tiles, carpets come in an endless number of colours and patterns. Any shade of grey would look great with grey walls. Also, all red carpets would work, forest green, marine blue, white and pink. Imagine the reaction of your little girl if you put pink carpet in her room with grey walls! She would love it.

Carpets, just like tiles, are not suitable for all rooms but are perfect for bedrooms, where you want something soft and warm underfoot. Tell your designer who is the boss.

How to Pick Floors

We have already touched on the importance of choosing the right colour flooring for your room with grey walls. We also mentioned that different rooms with grey walls require different material that is suitable for their use.

Pouf and boxes near grey chair in monochromatic bedroom with drawings on concrete wall above king-size bed - How to Pick Floors

For homes with open plan, your floor is highly visible and has to be suitable for a number of different uses, including cooking, washing, entertaining etc.

You have several options: use hardwood in the pale or grey wood tone, use polished natural colour concrete or use luxury vinyl in cherry red or forest green and enjoy the wonderful contrast with grey walls.

Floors in the rooms that get wet like kitchens, bathrooms and laundry rooms can be tiled and there are hundreds of patterns and colours that would look great with your grey walls. You can also use hardwood or wood laminate in a grey tone.

Bedrooms and studies with grey walls are easy; you can use any type of flooring you wish, but hardwood and carpet make the most sense. Use warm colours that would soften your grey walls and create a cosy atmosphere.

If you live in a tropical climate, you can use marble, concrete and tiles in every room in your house and enjoy the cool feel underfoot.


Here are some tips that might help you when choosing what colour floor with grey walls:

  • Ceramic or natural stone tiles in grey shades are perfectly suitable for kitchens, bathrooms, and toilets. The tiles’ glossy surface will make those rooms look more upscale.
  • Grey walls look great with pastel colours such as mint, lemon, and pink. Choosing flooring in these colours would make your room look and feel feminine and elegant.
  • Pink floors and grey walls will delight girls of all ages.
  • Beige, white, and brown flooring combined with grey walls will create a classic look, whatever material flooring you choose.
  • For a a perfect backdrop for brightly upholstered or coloured furniture go for grey floors and grey walls. Create a cosy feel by adding warm colours such as yellow, orange or burgundy.

Chevron interior living room, chevron floor black-white, with loose sofa & furniture blue-yellow - what colour floor with grey walls

  • Dark grey walls can work with dark grey flooring if you paint the ceiling bright white, have white trim between the walls and floor and if your room has plenty of natural light. Do not forget the curtains: dark walls require light curtains.
  • A bathroom with grey walls would look best with everything else white: floor tiles and all furniture and fixtures.
  • Grey walls in children’s rooms should be combined with bright coloured floors and plenty of bright coloured furniture and décor. If you want the floor to be grey, put a brightly coloured area rug to play on.


What colour floor goes with grey walls depends on what room you are decorating, whether you like your room to be cosy, elegant, timeless or waterproof.

Budget is also a big consideration –  hardwood is expensive but the laminate floor can look as good for the fraction of the price. Grey walls are so neutral that you should not have a hard time finding the perfect flooring that goes with them. Hopefully, we have put you on the right track