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Gothic Black Bedroom | Beautiful Ideas to Get Inspired

Looking for some gothic black bedroom ideas? You know gothic decor have their roots in the 12th century at a time when architects with big ideas built major structures like churches and cathedrals. For the first time, huge church towers touched the sky, with flying buttresses to support the height.

Contrary to popular belief those who embrace the gothic culture don’t necessarily venerate witches and vampires. Gothic décor is all about the simplicity of black and white, to a large extent removing distracting colours.

Gothic Black Bedroom

Gothic décor is all about keeping things simple while retaining the style and elegance. Still, in our eclectic collection of gothic black bedrooms, you’ll find plenty of intricate designs and complex patterns. You will also see pops of red, gold, and purple amongst the designs. Enjoy!

Classical Gothic Bedroom

This classic curtained bed takes centre stage in this black goth bedroom. The white moulded ceiling offers relief from the dark and appears to give the room additional height. Pops of gold in the beautiful clock and candelabra and in the cushions lend the room a certain opulence reminiscent of Renaissance kings and queens. The intricate central light adds a lovely finish to the whole. Elaborate gold lace drapes add privacy and a touch of mystery.

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Contemporary Black Bedroom

Modern Goth Black Bedroom

Looking for something a little more modern. This large modern room lends itself to the black goth treatment. The bay windows ensure plenty of light relief. Plants and the bamboo hanging seat give the room a welcome cheer. The grey patterned rug brings the whole together, creating a haven for sleep and meditation.

Symbolic Gothic Bedroom

The full black treatment in this room allows the gothic symbols to stand out. This room makes no pretence about what it symbolizes. Here the Pentagram takes centre stage. Fairy lights draw attention to the phases of the moon. Bright panels on the bed cover break the solemnity of the black, themselves depicting gothic symbols. White candles throughout keep things a little lighter.

Four Poster Gothic Bedroom

This stunning four-poster bed grabs the eye. Its elaborately carved head and footboard are heavily padded for comfort. Though the bed is curtained, the fine lace is almost an excuse for curtaining and certainly won’t keep out any prying eyes. The extravagant chandelier takes centre stage without detracting from the bed that it illuminates.

The phases of the moon, as represented by the white scatter cushions, symbolize immortality and eternity. In Gothic literature, the full moon signifies a mysterious mood.

Whimsical Goth Bedroom

If you were wondering whether you could add a little whimsy to your goth bedroom, here’s a good example of how it’s done. Fairy lights draw attention to the bed. White frames above the bed break the darkness of the room. I like the black wall paper and soft rug, why not make it a little fancy?

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Gothic Bedroom in Monochromes

This is a nice and sophisticated black room. Shades of white, grey, and black give this room interest, showing that there is more than just one shade of black and relieving somewhat the sobriety of the black bed. The curtains look amazing at the back, giving the room so coziness. The black pendant adds a whole new level to the room!

Goth Bedroom Complete with Ouija Board

The lightly coloured wall surface ensures that the Ouija stands out as the main attraction. Scatter cushions at the head of the bed appear to reflect the astrological sign bed cover.

Gothic Décor on a Budget

This practical gothic room is not entirely black but black enough! The suspended bed and lights add a nice touch to the gothic vibe. The sleek black furniture goes really well with the white decoration and floor. As Gothic architecture began to emerge in the twelfth century, lights became increasingly more important. It symbolized eternity and divinity as shown by the nimbus around the heads of the saints. Hence, we see many black goth bedrooms feature lights above and at the head of the bed.

The room contains plenty of little interesting touches including the pendant, coffin shelf near the bed, soft rug, pillows, lights and white deco.

Come into my Goth Bedroom Chamber

Modern Gothic Bedroom

Modern Gothic Bedroom

Though not all black, this bedroom signals Gothic ties through the small details. The skull deco and butterflies on the wall bring the gothic vibe in the room. The black curtains adds in some ways to the dark mood of the room as it appears to show a desolate winter landscape.

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Modern Gothic Bedroom

Luxury goth bedroom interior in black and white - Modern Gothic Bedroom

Gothic doesn’t have to be all 12th to 16th century. This modern goth black bedroom looks goth enough for those looking for a touch of darkness. The pendant, the mirror, the black bed and furniture all contribute to a modern gothic bedroom.

Masculine Black and White Gothic Bedroom

Masculine Black and White Bedroom

Stylish master bedroom corner with black walls, a black bed and a fireplace with a poster above it.

The no-nonsense room in black and white is comfortable and a touch masculine. Large windows invite the light in and the padded headboard adds a touch of luxury. The overall perception is one of minimalistic comfort. Beautiful wooden floors and a high ceiling with white light globes make this room look a little like a suite in a top hotel. Let’s call for room service. Breakfast in bed anyone?

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A Gothic Bedroom with a Sense of Humour

Another Gothic bedroom is dressed in monochrome shades, but this one reflects the resident’s sense of humour. The lovely draped iron bed houses a little group of ghosts with a range of facial expressions. The toys at the base of the bed are similarly interesting. Spiderwebs on the black lace drapes ensure that the occupant’s dreams will be protected by the keepers of creativity.

Gothic Bedroom with Black Lace

This bed is the centre of this room. The mix of dark color cushions and black linen are one of the main points. The lace over the bed is lovely and creative, giving a charming and feminine touch to the gothic bedroom. The lights above don’t seem to brighten the room but are a nice decoration over the bed. There are some nice details to the room such as the gothic moon mirrors, the lady and gentleman above the bed.

Stylish Completely Back Goth Bedroom Gold lamp next to bed in black bedroom interior with sculpture on dark wall

Goth bedrooms don’t have to be gloomy. This stylish all black bedroom is modern and comfortable. The black silk sheets lend a certain elegance and seduction. Mixing black and golden colors keep things luxurious. The bed begs for an occupant. What a place to relax with a glass of red at the end of a busy day.

Black Gothic Bedroom with White Black Lace Detail

While the bed style and chandelier leaves no doubt about the inspiration for this black goth bedroom, the black lace gives this room a graceful and dainty charm. The mirrow above the bed draw the eye to lace. Apart from the bedding, the gothic home décor in this room is a lot more subtle than in many of the other examples that we have seen of gothic bedrooms.

Teenager’s Retreat

the bedroom is a dark room, with a mirror framed by light bulbs

This pretty goth bedroom is a perfect retreat for a teenager. The white floor-to-ceiling curtains draw the light into the room. The large framed mirrow is stern in its geometry straight lines, and sharp angles. So are the rest of the room furniture. The bed blanket and the blue colors break the darkness, adds warmth and comfort to this understated gothic décor.

The natural color furniture add a holiday vibe as well as the plants. But the candles above the bed and hanging lights bring back the gothic harmony to the room.

Gothic Bedroom with Shades of Gray and Purple

Black Gothic Bedroom with Shades of Gray and Purple | Black Gothic Bedroom with Shades of Gray and Purple


This feminin room is not very gothic however you can add a few touches of your own gothic decor to make it darker such as a goat’s head above the bed or a pentagram, the most favoured of Goth symbols. The bedroom colours blend perfectly to create a restful place.  The golden chandelier and lamp lights add a touch of fragility.

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A Gothic Spiritual Haven

Shaped like a gothic cathedral, this dark steepled bed certainly makes a statement and takes the spotlight in this gothic bedroom.

With a bed such as this, it has been necessary to keep the rest of the gothic home décor bright and light. The Persian rug matches the opulence of the classic bed. While gold drapes and linens add to the rich luxury of the room.

The chandelier-style light fitting draws the eye upward to appreciate the beamed ceiling lest you miss it in the awe of standing before so noble a bed.

Victorian Gothic Bedroom

Goth made a comeback during the Victorian age after going underground during the Renaissance and if this four poster is anything to go by, you can see the attraction. This black, white and purple bedroom reflects an age of overt chastity with its black and white curtains and bedding. The detailed post and overhead canopy replicate an age of quiet elegance. Golden bedside lamps and feature all mirror add a little sparkle and light. It is gothic home décor like this that draws followers to make the change to black, white and purple.

A Picture in Black and White

At first glance, this looks like a black and white photograph. Not so. The fresh pink flowers prove otherwise. This contemporary goth bedroom is easy on the eye. Comforting and clean-cut, yet it shows clear signs of goth influence from the Ouija board on the cushion to the ever-present stages of the moon as it waxes and wanes above the headboard and then drops down onto the black bedding to offer light relief to the dark linens. The black crystal chandelier is a nice touch clearly reflected in the mirror which must reflect back the light at night.

Make the Change to Elegant Goth Home Decor

Goth is all about removing the distraction that colour brings. As you can see from the many goth bedrooms that have brought you, they don’t have to reflect a belief in the goth way of life, unless that it is you want them to.

Bring simplicity into your life and opt for blacks and whites with an occasional pop of colour. Just to add interest.