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Grey Two Colour Combination for Bedroom Walls | Grey Room Ideas

Grey Two Colour Combination for Bedroom Walls comes as a natural consequence of the popularity of grey in recent years. Contemporary interior designers have embraced grey colour in all its shades for decorating all rooms in a house.

Grey colour combination for bedroom - Wooden bench and boxes in monochromatic bedroom interior with drawings on concrete wall above bed

One of the reasons is its versatility and how wonderful it combines with other colours. Grey now took over from white as the dominant colour in interior design and it has a chance of becoming a timeless option.

Shades of grey differ to a huge extent, allowing you to create a very different atmosphere in your bedroom, from moody and romantic to stark and edgy. Adding other colours would increase the number of your options of creating just the right atmosphere in your bedroom.

Grey Two Colour Combination for Bedroom Walls

When deciding what colours to combine in your Grey Two Colour Combination for Bedroom Walls, your main consideration is your personal style. Your bedroom is your sanctuary and you have to decide what colours would work best with grey to make just the right vibe, and what shades of grey would produce just the right atmosphere. Here are some combination ideas to help you in your design decisions.

Two Colour Combination for Bedroom Walls Gray - Poster on concrete wall above stool with lamp and wooden bed in dark bedroom with yellow pillow on a chair -

Grey and denim blue

Choosing a bluish-grey for all the walls and complementing it with denim-blue in bed linen, cushions, upholstery and throws, you will create a cool, relaxing vibe. It also might show your love for the sea and seascapes.

Knit blanket on king-size bed in natural warm bedroom of modern apartment in soft gray and blue colors - Grey Two Colour Combination for Bedroom Walls

To avoid this combination looking too cold, add pops of terracotta. It can be in the flooring, plant pots or pillowcases. You can also paint the inside of bookshelves in denim blue and add even more interest by painting baseboards a darker shade of blue.

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Charcoal grey and taupe

Grey does not have to be the colour of your walls to be a dominant colour in your bedroom. Charcoal velvet headboard and grey velvet sofa or armchair in a predominantly taupe room will provide the focal point and give your bedroom a sense of style.

Charcoal grey and taupe - modern bedroom ideas

To link the two colours, decorate the bed with a pile of pillows in shades of toffee and caramel. Using textiles of different textures will add depth to your design. Combine silk, linens and rough wool for an interesting contrast.

Grey and coral

Vivid coral will bring life to your all grey bedroom. Use soft, light grey for the colour of the walls and bring coral in a few pieces of furniture such as a chest of drawers or a painted desk. Use bed linens to marry the two colours by using colourful prints in grey and coral or add plenty of pillows in different shades of grey and coral.

Another way to add coral to the grey room is to use it on the focal wall, better as a part of a pattern than a single colour for the whole wall. Using soft coral curtains will also bring serious impact.

A few gold or brass details would work great with grey and coral. Use antique brass lamps or a large mirror frame.

Even just a large painting on the grey wall with predominantly coral colours can provide an interesting contrast to grey walls.

If you use a darker shade of grey on the walls, the contrast with coral will be less stark but the colours will mix more harmoniously

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Two shades of grey

Interestingly, two shades of grey calm each other, creating a soft, soothing sleeping haven. You can cheer things up by introducing a focus wall with patterned wallpaper on one wall in the shades of grey and white.

Adding any bright colour would change the vibe and make grey basic background colour for reds, yellows or blues. It might be enough to set the tone with bed linen, curtains or floor.

Go one step further and paint the ceiling burnt orange, complementing it with orange and dark blue pillows and details such as lamps and paintings.

One very elegant way to use two shades of grey is by painting the bottom half of all walls a darker grey and the upper half a much lighter grey.

Continue with an elegant and sophisticated atmosphere by adding brass or gold lamps, gilded mirrors and small touches such as drawer pulls on the chest of drawers. You would be amazed how much impact such small details can have.

Grey and green

Grey and green bring the feel of nature into your bedroom. You can go with grey walls and bright green elements such as bed linen, bedspread, curtains or area rug. Or you can paint walls dark, forest green and use grey for details.

Interior of modern bedroom with green walls, wooden floor, gray master bed and make up table in the corner. 3d rendering - Grey and Green Bedroom Walls

Paint a mural with grey birch trees or just add a large photo of nature in muted greens and greys. Plenty of healthy plants will add to the colour scheme but also clear the air in the bedroom.

Feel free to use more than one shade of grey and green as long as they are all in the same soft, muted tones. Nothing should be screaming bright.

Dark green on the walls will make the room look smaller but also cosy and dramatic. It works perfectly for bedrooms where too much space might feel less comfortable.

Grey and sage green

Grey and sage green combine to create an incredibly soothing and calming space. Pale grey with sage will make the bedroom like a Zen sanctuary. Add white details such as sheer curtains and bed linen.

If you have trouble falling asleep, make sage the dominant colour and use grey in bed linen, curtains and furniture. Avoid any bright colours to keep to the soothing theme. Paintings or photos on the walls should be in the same sage grey tones.

Great way to combine sage and grey is in painting alternate stripes on all walls. They will almost blend into each other, making only a subtle contrast.

Combining sage and grey for the nursery is a very modern take on what nurseries should look like, staying away from the traditional pink and blue. Add bright yellow details and plenty of colourful toys to make the nursery more cheerful.

Grey and lime green

If you like lime green but are afraid that it would make your bedroom feel too loud, combine it with grey in any shade. Grey will soften it and allow it to be a focal colour without being too disturbing.

Grey room ideas - Modern bedroom with green pillow on bed

Add lime green in unexpected ways by upholstering an armchair in lime green velvet or adding wallpaper on one wall with lime green patterns.

Pillows always offer an opportunity to add a bright colour to the monochromatic room. Add not only colours but textures as well. Do not be afraid to combine different fabrics such as silk and burlap or velvet and metallic fabrics. Stay with grey and green tones to retain the soothing feel any bedroom requires.

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Grey and blue

Combining grey and blue is fun because you can use just about any shade of grey and blue and they will always look good. Paint stripes on the walls alternating the two colours, paint bottom half of all walls one colour and upper half another colour. Or you can paint three walls in grey or blue and a focus wall covered in a blue-grey pattern.

Grey and Blue bedroom ideas - Blue bed with grey blanket against mountain wallpaper in simple bedroom interior with wooden cupboard

Since both grey and blue can be quite cold, add bright touches in pillows with burgundy or berry.

Grey and white

There is an endless way to combine grey with white, and it will always look good. Depending on the shade of grey and just how much white you introduce, your bedroom will look crisp and elegant or soft and relaxing.

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Grey walls in any shade combined with white furniture and white bed linen and curtains is a sure way to have an airy, soothing bedroom You can achieve a similar effect by painting walls and floor white and using grey bed linen and curtains. Black furniture will add a modern edge to this combination.

Lush, bright green plants look fantastic in a soothing grey and white bedroom and add to the relaxing vibe.

Grey and silver

Silver perfectly complements grey in a bedroom and it can be introduced in some very interesting ways. Think of silver patterned wallpaper on the ceiling or silver and grey stripes on the walls. An antique silver framed mirror would instantly draw the eye. Of course, shiny silver lamps and drawer pulls would be perfect additional details.

Use silver in a grey room to bring glamor and romance to the room. Combined, they create a sophisticated atmosphere that might feel a bit too formal, so add a few, but only a few, colourful details such as a painting on the all with plenty of bright yellow tones, or upholster your armchair in berry red.

Grey and pink

Grey and pink is another combination that can be used in an endless number of ways. Adding pink to a grey room will make it more feminine and romantic. Grey room with just a few pink details will make your bedroom more sophisticated and elegant.

Poster on grey bedhead in bedroom interior with pink pillows on bed next to chair - Grey and Pink Bedboom Walls Colour Combination

Combining grey and pink is ideal for nurseries if you want to avoid the sugary sweet feel totally pink rooms can convey.

Use several shades of pink in a darker grey room to liven it up. Or paint walls pale pink and add grey bed linen, area rug and curtains to make the room more masculine.

Ash grey and gold

Getting gold mixed with ash grey is a sure way of creating a dramatic and glamorous look. Ash grey is sophisticated and moody in itself but combined with gold accents, it brings the bedroom to a whole new level.

Glass lamp placed on a gold end table standing by the king-size bed in dark grey bedroom interior with windows and green plants - Ash and Gold Bedroom Walls Colour Combination

Use one dramatic gold focal point in an all ash grey room such as an antique headboard. Go one step further and paint one focal wall in grey and gold stripes for a stunning impact.

Using small gold touches in an ash grey bedroom will elevate the bedroom without making it dramatic. Just one gilded picture frame or a gold lampshade is enough for a touch of luxury.

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Ash grey and mandarin orange

Mandarin orange or actually any shade of orange would make an all grey bedroom come to life. Use a darker shade of grey when combining it with orange for stronger contrast. One focal wall in patterns of grey and mandarin would make a powerful statement.

Ash grey and mandarin orange bedroom - Orange star pillow on wooden bed against concrete wall with copy space in grey bedroom with chair

If you would rather introduce mandarin to your grey bedroom in a small dose, use pillows in different shades of orange and grey. Paintings on the walls are always an opportunity to introduce a bright colour such as mandarin. Look for a large painting or a photo of a sunset.

Grey and yellow

Grey and yellow can combine in a soft, relaxing look when used in pale shades, or can be truly dramatic if you use dark grey with bright yellow.

A middle way is to paint the bottom half of your walls dark grey and the upper half pale yellow for a bright but still soothing look.

Yellow and grey is a great combination for kids’ bedrooms as you can combine them with plenty of details in other colours to show kids’ personalities.

Grey and navy

Navy and grey combine for a very masculine and contemporary look, especially in darker shades. Add spots of bright colours such as yellow pillows or a piece of furniture painted coral or berry.

Grey and navy could make a small bedroom look very cosy and romantic. Just stay with darker shades with linens and curtains and instead of bright colours, add shiny details such as gold lamp shades or gilded mirrors.

Add to the drama of grey and navy room by placing a large painting on the wall of some marine scene such as stormy sky over the ocean.

Light grey and terracotta

If you want to recall a holiday on some island in the Mediterranean, combine pale grey with terracotta. Rich tones of terracotta bring warmth and sunshine to the room. Painting walls grey and using terracotta bed linens and woods is one way to combine them.

Corner of stylish bedroom with orange geometric pattern and white walls, concrete floor, king size bed with gray bedside tables and bright orange armchair near column - grey color palette

Terracotta walls with pale grey furniture would look sophisticated, especially if you introduce some pretty terracotta flower pots and vases.

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What Goes With Grey Walls Bedroom

Grey is used in most bedrooms as well as in other rooms as a background colour because it is versatile and blends well with just about anything. But grey can look cold if you do not add details that warm it up.

Silver details such as silver lamps, door pulls and paintings frames bring drama and the feel of luxury to a grey bedroom. Silver can be introduced as a colour as well, by painting a ceiling silver colour for a dramatic effect.

A slate floor is a natural addition to a grey bedroom especially if you live in a warm climate. To avoid having a too cold feel, bring warm colours in details such as yellows and reds.

Crystal chandeliers are a must for any romantic bedroom but they look particularly beautiful with grey walls that reflect the twinkle of crystal. You can introduce crystal in one large ceiling light fixture or a few small wall sconces.

Chandelier in a color full bedroom

White sheer curtains would soften the look of an all grey bedroom even without adding any additional colour, especially if you use pale grey colours.

Small bright details are a must in grey bedrooms to avoid it looking too cold. It is up to you just how much colour you want to add but small touches such as one armchair in a bright green or burgundy would make a huge impact. One vase filled with bright yellow flowers or a painting of sunflowers on the wall can be all you need to make your grey bedroom look brighter


Grey two colour combination for bedroom walls is very trendy and it can be used in many ways to make your bedroom your relaxing sanctuary. Different shades of grey create different atmospheres, from relaxing with pale grey to dramatic in dark grey.

The same goes when choosing what other colour to use with grey. Stay true to yourself and think of what kind of vibe you want in your bedroom. It is fun to experiment with colours until you find just the feel you are looking for.