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Living Room Curtains for Brown Furniture | 26 Beautiful Options

When it comes to living room furniture, brown is such a warm and practical color. It goes with so many colors and it withstands the rigors of family life. If you’re into natural or stressed leather then brown is also the most practical of colors.

Living Room Curtains for Brown Furniture

While some people forgo curtains, preferring the appeal of an unfettered view, curtains play an important function. They protect your privacy and can also help to reduce the amount of harmful, damaging ultraviolet sunlight from entering the room. Curtains also soften the aspect of the room and improve the acoustics.

Curtains come in a variety of fabrics. Some are designed to keep out the light. While others are clear and transparent from the inside, but protect your privacy from outside views.

What’s more, the right color will showcase your brown living room furniture, allowing you to exercise your decorative flair and personalize your space.

What Colors go with Brown?

The best-suited curtain color will depend on wall colors and the other accessories in your lounge. Use different colors and textures to brighten up your living space. With brown, you can choose to create a sophisticated or casual exterior by dressing it up in the colors and with the accessories that do the trick.

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We’ve searched online resources to find colors that go with brown. Turns out there are loads of interesting colors that pair well with brown living room furniture.

Let’s talk color

Color creates atmosphere. Use it to lighten or brighten up a space. Alternatively, warm and neutral colors can create the impression of welcoming warmth and comfort. Here are some ideas on how to create your personal space using color.

Neutral shades

Shades of beige, cream, and white when paired with your warm brown furnishings can create a neutral space to which you can add pops of color in warm or bright colors that personalize your space and add interest. It is easy to mix neutral shades and they all match very well with brown furniture.

Warm Shades

Warm colors like brown, red, and orange all make for a warm and cozy room that will invite you in. Red, yellow, and orange cushions and curtains can add a splash of color that brightens the room. Shades of autumn always add some cheer.

Green is another warm shade that adds a fresh new look and contrasts well with a warm brown sofa.

Cool Colors

Blue and purple tones lighten the room and blend in well with all shades of brown from beige to chocolate. Light pastel florals offer a light backdrop to the warm brown of the living room furniture.

Bright and vibrant shades

Brown furniture offers the pallet to showcase vibrant colors like scarlet, orange, bright pink, and yellow. Match your bright vibrant curtains with an accessory or two in a similar color to lend balance to the room.

Brown furniture with sunny yellow curtains

Lighten up the mood and bring some sunshine into the room. These sunny yellow curtains make a bold statement. They contrast well with the blue accents in the cushions and accessories. The white lamps and coffee table add a light sophisticated touch to the room. While the grey walls offer a neutral backdrop to the whole, a lovely combination of sophistication and warmth.

Brown furniture with dark brown blind curtains

The shades of brown in this living accentuate comfort and warmth. The textured blinds draw attention to the lovely white framed windows. Dark brown accessories add to the appeal of this living room.

Brown living room furniture with fine golden curtains

This bright and sunny room suits these neutral shades perfectly. The curtains contrast well with the warm brown leather. Combined with the shades of cream in the walls, carpet, and lampshade, this room is welcoming and easy on the eye.

Orange curtains with brown living room furniture

This stately living room pops with autumn shades of orange, brown, and cream. The lengthy orange curtains connect the furniture with the rest of the room. The tan walls lend the room warmth and balance and the cream sofa and the accessories soften the whole. The end result is a stylish and sophisticated living room that anyone would be proud of.

Grey curtains with brown living room furniture

Grey goes surprisingly well with brown as long as you match the shades well. This light brown leather furniture looks stunning against the backdrop of the grey curtains. Accessories in grey and bronze give the room a rich, welcoming ambiance.

Matching brown curtains with brown living/dining room furniture

Mock up frame in cozy modern dining room interior,

In this dining room, the shades of brown mixed with neutral cream and beige make a cohesive whole that is easy on the eyes. The room is elegant and sophisticated and yet it is also plush and comforting. The window seal offer touches of luxury which are also reflected in the beautiful dinning table and chairs.

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Fine white curtains with brown living room furniture

White curtains for living room - Living Room Curtains For Brown Furniture Ideas

One of the most popular curtain colors matched with brown living room furniture is white and it’s easy to see why. In this living room, the lightweight white curtains highlight the rich brown beautifully. The cushions and throw draw the whole together giving the room a well-balanced and cohesive aspect. The neutral shades of beige on the floor ensure a relaxed and comfortable space.

Cream curtains with brown living room furniture

Cream curtains with brown living room furniture. Modern interior of open space with design modular sofa, furniture, wooden coffee tables, plaid, pillows in stylish home decor.

This living room shows just how comforting a pallet of neutral colors can be. Shades of cream, brown, tan, and grey all blend together to create an elegant yet cozy space. The black and off-white cushions break any hint of monotony. As does the monochromatic print that takes front and center stage. The brass ringed curtains laced over the metal bar is nice finishing touch.

Bright yellow curtains with brown living room furniture

Throw a touch of sunshine into your living room. Yellow is such a bright and vibrant color. This living room is cheerful and inviting. The yellow curtain match the golden yellow walls near the entrance so well. Both warmly embrace the brown furniture that practically invites you to stay and enjoy the ambiance. The rug in the center of the room cleverly lightens the atmosphere as the curtains. The lighter brown in the cushion adds a touch of warmth and comfort. While the plants add to the good cheer.

Green curtains with brown living room furniture

Empty green wall in modern living room with brown leather sofa. Green curtains with brown living room furniture

Green is such a comforting color. It brings a hint of nature into the home. This combination shows how well green and brown match. It looks particularly good with indoor plants and white walls. Laced over a sturdy white rod, these curtains draw attention to the window and what lies beyond.

Silver curtains with brown living room furniture

Wondering what color goes with a brown leather sofa? These silver curtains hung upon a continuous rod really frame and highlight the sofa. The silver is picked up in the pattern on the wallpaper and again in the luxurious carpet. The white cushions lamp and chair bring all the colors together. While dabs of blue catch the eye.

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Bright blue curtains with brown living room furniture

Bright blue curtains with brown living room furniture - Curtains to match with brown sofa

The bright blue colorful curtains and other accessories in this living room really do brighten up what might otherwise have been an uninteresting space. Dominated by neutral shades of cream, beige and brown, the blue curtains and cushions really stand out. White lampshades and scatter cushions keep the balance.

Brown curtain blinds with red trim

This head-turning living room really has character. The red trim on the brown curtain blinds picks up the red in the cushions and accessories. The white cushions and trimmings add further drama to the room. The white walls form a neutral backdrop which heightens the effect of the strong color combinations.

Roman blinds are quite easy to make so if you can’t find blinds to suit your décor, consider making your own.

Off white curtains matched with a rattan blind

The owner of this living room has cleverly matched off-white curtains material with the feel of the room. The natural feel of the curtains picks up the brown sofa and green natural walls. This room has plenty of light so it pulls off the dark green walls. The white wall art also breaks the dark wall. Though the room has plenty of neutral shades of brown and cream, white and grey finishes the decor – from the rug and side sofa.

Olive curtains with a brown sofa

Fern on a table in monochromatic living room with green chair, olive curtains and grey sofa | Colour scheme for living room with dark brown sofa

An interesting combination of patterns and colors. It certainly makes a statement. The brown sofa is surrounded by pastel shades including white, gold, light wood and black. The dark green arm chair is cool and cozy, matching the curtains. The pants  and carpet make an interesting contrast.

Burnt orange curtains with brown living room furniture

Bold orange curtains bring warmth and color to your lounge. Closely related, orange and brown make a great match. The rattan blinds behind the curtains pick up the color of the furniture as does the trim on the top of the curtain. The brass rod and rings add a touch of class.

Mustard living room curtains

Living room with accent sofa. Yellow, ocher couch with cushions | What colour curtains go with brown sofa and white walls

Like other autumn shades, mustard is a good match with dark brown living room furniture. The Persian rug and mustard curtains have bright and interesting colors. While the white and cream accessories offer light and accentuation against the neutral backdrop of brown and grey.

Purple curtains with a brown sofa

Purple may not be the first color that springs to mind when contemplating a color match with brown living room furniture. Yet, this lounge shows how well this cool color matches with the brown. Here pink and white lighten the mood and the blind is replicated by a cushion on the couch.

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Turquoise curtains with brown living room furniture

Mustard sofa detail with turquoise cushions and modern lamp. Curtains to match with brown sofa

The turquoise curtains in this lounge really add a wow factor. The furniture is modern and very different. Yet it is the cool, clear color of the curtains that stand out and make a statement. The turquoise is also cleverly picked up in some of the accessories and cushions balancing the whole. Neutral shades in the center of the room are fully enclosed by the blue walls and turquoise drapes.

Brown organza curtains with brown furniture

Brown organza curtains | The sun shines through an organza curtain

Brown organza curtains

This living room is a celebration of brown. The sheer organza of the curtains allows the light in but encloses the living room with shimmering light. Organza curtains help to create an ethereal feeling about the room. The neutral colors ensure that the room is warm and welcoming.

Curtains in shades of cherry and pink

Striped and pink carpet in spacious living room interior with gold chair at desk with poster against cherry wall

Striped and pink carpet in spacious living room interior with gold chair at desk with poster against cherry wall

These curtains in shades of cherry and pink lend an almost feminine look to this modern work space. Accessories and furniture pick up the colors perfectly. As a whole this room is warm and welcoming, inviting you to work and get creative.

Burgundy curtains with brown living room furniture

Two burgundy armchairs placed in grey living room interior with red drape. molding on the wall with posters, fresh flowers in glass vase and wooden cupboard

Two burgundy armchairs placed in grey living room interior with red drape. molding on the wall with posters, fresh flowers in glass vase and wooden cupboard

This modern living room shows just how well burgundy and brown match up. The warm burgundy curtains and chairs add some interest to a room that is dressed in neutral shades of grey and brown. The burgundy of the curtains is picked up in the ottoman and cushions.

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Beige curtains with brown living room furniture

These floor-to-ceiling beige curtains almost fade into the background showcasing the beautiful brown leather furniture. The large windows and the enormous size of the living room give the room the feel of a safari lodge. The scale and luxury are enhanced by the neutral shades.

Blue curtains for white walls and brown living room furniture

Wondering what curtains go with a brown sofa and white walls? In this example, you can see just how well blue works. This room is cleverly decorated with gunmetal blue popping up all over the show. It appears on the cushions and the rug matching with the blue curtains. The indoor plants and green accessories add a little interest.

Curtains patterned in neutral shades

These patterned curtains pick up nearly every color in the room. The rug is also chosen to perfectly match the curtains. The golden hues stand out against the dark brown of the leather sofas.

Tan curtains with brown living room furniture

Tan curtains

The owner of this room has combined a mix of neutral shades. The floor-to-ceiling tan curtains form a frame around the large window. The light transparent curtain at the back soften things up. The curtains make the living room comfortable and inviting.

Colorful curtains for your lounge

Brown furniture in the living room is a practical choice for many families, especially those with children or pets. Still, you don’t have to stick to brown curtains or cream curtains when it comes to the décor. There are many stunning colors that match perfectly well with brown furniture, bringing out the warmth in the many shades of brown.