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Orange Two Colour Combination for Bedroom Walls

Orange two colour combination for bedroom walls is going to make your bedroom vibrant and modern. It can brighten even the dullest bedroom. Though you may wonder what colours you can match with it. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how many colours match well with orange.

Orange is a combination of red and yellow. It had no name until the 16th century. Before it was named after the fruit that bears the same name it was called yellow-red. Yet, in some cultures, orange is the colour of royalty and in others it is sacred.

In the home, orange evokes a feeling of warmth, enthusiasm, and adventure. In this article, we’ll take you on a journey to appreciate the colours that go with orange.

Let’s get inspired!

Orange and Black Bedroom Walls

You can pair most orange colours with black, particularly in a big room. Black brings out the beauty and brightness of the orange. This teenager’s room shows just how beautiful orange and black combination walls can look. The white motif above the bed and white window frames help to break the dark colours to create an elegant finish.

Orange and Grey Combination Walls

Grey is a neutral shade and combines well with most colours. Combine orange with grey and black – orange will pop! Understated yet still bright and vibrant. In choosing a neutral shade in the room, the stylist has made the orange stand out. The overall effect is modern and minimalist.

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Orange and Red Combination Walls

Orange is a combination of red and yellow. So, it should come as no surprise that it looks so good with red. Brighten up a teen bedroom when you combine the two. In this room, red and orange help the main features to stand out. The duller pink on the rest of the surfaces ensures that the colour isn’t overwhelming.

Orange and Apricot Combination Walls

Apricot walls and an orange and white ceiling along with some classic pieces give this room a truly opulent feel. The white art contrast well with the changing colours. Overall, the room is bright and airy. The summery shades are cool and inviting.

Orange and Dark Blue Combination Walls

Orange and dark blue makes a bold and cheerful combination. Use these colours in a room with plenty of light. White contrasts show off the colours. This boy’s room shows just how good blue and orange look together.

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Orange and Mellow Yellow Combination Walls

Yellow is a bright and happy colour so why not combine it with orange to cheer up your personal space? This colour combination creates a feeling of cheerful optimism. Yet this muted shade of yellow is relaxing, creating an adult space where you can retreat from the hustle and bustle of the outside world.

Orange and Light Blue Combination Walls

Add a touch of calm to the vibrancy of the orange, when you combine it with a light blue. The light blue creates a relaxing haven. What person wouldn’t want to end the day in this peaceful space?

Orange and Dark Pink Combination Walls

Orange and bright pink make a cheerful match in this modern bedroom. Combine these colours with white furnishings. No place for gloom in this lovely space.

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Orange and White Combination Walls

Orange and White Combination Walls (2)

White always looks good when matched with a bright or darker colour as helps to highlight the vibrant colour. White is also good as a third colour when you combine darker colours with the orange walls. In this bedroom, the bed takes centre stage and it looks so inviting. The white opposing wall and highlights keep things light and airy.

Orange and Peach Combination Walls

Peach really is a shade of orange so, of course, it matches beautifully. It helps to bring out the brightness of the orange and creates a warm and cosy feeling. Combining colours from a similar pallet leaves the door wide open for the addition of other contrasting colours. In this room, the white deco and ceiling are just such a contrast. A bright and comfortable room for a school-going child.

Orange and Green Combination Walls

Orange and lime green may not suit everyone’s taste but you can use them to create a bright and energetic space. This resort kid of room you can see how vibrant the colour combination can be. The patterned wall draws the eye to the bed.

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Orange and Tan Combination Walls

Orange and tan are close on the colour spectrum. So, it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that the colours look really good together. This bedroom has great masculine appeal. Yet, it is warm and welcoming, a great place to retreat at the end of a busy day.

Orange and Beige Combination Walls

Orange and Beige Combination Walls

Beige on its own is rather dull. In combination with orange, it makes the wall pop and still gives the room a nice warm feel. Beige is a neutral shade with warm undertones. This leaves the colour spectrum wide open when it comes to the choice of accessories like the neutral furniture and rug.

Orange and Brown Combination Walls

Orange and Brown Combination Walls

The earthiness of brown combines beautifully with orange creating a sense of solid warmth. Brown highlights the cheerful brightness of the orange. In this bedroom, the wood panelling behind the bed adds a lovely textural finish to the room.

Orange and Mauve/Fuchsia Combination Walls

Perhaps not a colour combination for the faint of heart. Yet as this picture shows orange makes a good match with this purplish pink. The girl’s bedroom is bright, cheerful, and full of energy. Contrasts of white and blue break the colour somewhat, creating an interesting combination of colours.

Orange and Cream Combination Walls

Orange and Cream Combination WallsFor Bedroom

Orange and cream look lovely together and is a favoured wall colour combination. These autumn shades are warm and welcoming and the burnt orange wall offsets them beautifully. Yet, without the cream combination, the room might appear a little dark. Cream lightens the room and makes the space look bigger.

Orange and Baby Pink Combination Walls

Orange and light pink combine well to create a pretty space that is cosy and inviting. Pink is an excellent complement with orange as is the touch of purple and red. The colourful chair offers an eye-catching contrast.

Orange and Purple Combination Walls

Orange and Purple Bedroom Wall

Purple is the perfect contrast to orange. Here the purple wall makes the orange pop. It also creates a perfect backdrop to the artwork. The stylist has cleverly framed the bright colours in white making sure that they stand out without overwhelming the room. The whole is modern and minimalist.

Orange and Charcoal Combination Walls

Like black, charcoal shades highlight the vibrancy of the orange wall. In this room, the decorator has chosen a rather muted shade of orange, achieving a feeling of luxury and tranquillity. Who wouldn’t want to end the day in a room such as this?

Orange and Dark Grey Combination Walls

The dark and white wall alongside the light orange gives this bedroom plenty of interest and draws the eye to the centre of the room. The dark grey contrasts beautifully with the orange.

Orange, Pink, and Yellow Combination Walls

This daring decorator has combined not two but three bright colours. The chosen complement each other beautifully as they all fall into the orange spectrum. The white bed and light ensures that this gorgeous, cherry room is well-balanced and the colours not overbearing.

Orange and Tan Combination Walls

Orange and tan or khaki also work very well together. In this room, the bottom wall is painted in a khaki, and the top in apricot orange. This creates a feeling that the lying-down position falls within the lower light part of the room. You must arise to join the upper bright and cheery section of the room. White furniture and trim relieve the brightness in perfect contrast.

Orange and Navy Wall Combinations

This unusual room combines light orange walls with a navy feature wall. The white ceiling breaks the two giving the room a lovely finish. The colour contrasts with grey which gives this room a modern feel.

Orange Colour Wall Paint Design Ideas

The beauty of a brightly coloured is that it lends itself very well to stencilling and other wall design options. Creative paint designs can make your bedroom stand out from the crowd. It personalizes the room, creating your own space. Bring out your hidden artist. If you get tired of your designs, all it takes is a lick of paint and you’re back to square one.

The shades of light orange, dark orange, tan and light pink create calming yet cool affect in the bedroom. Therse colors are great as they make things more interesting and original. Although there are several colours here, you can see that they work in complete harmony. Perfect for a bedroom.

This Ikea bedroom is really cool, I really love the color block design technique, it’s super flexible meaning you can add more colours and it will still look great, and you can have different shapes, like a square, a circle, use your imagination! The room looks calm, modern, neat and retro at the same time, I love it!

Shades of Orange

Orange colours are as varied as the colours that go with orange. Shades of orange start from a light apricot through bright orange to burnt orange that is almost brown. Sometimes the shades of orange are hard to tell apart from yellow, red, or brown.

The shade that you choose should complement your colour combinations and your personal taste.

Burnt Orange

The burnt orange accent wall in this bedroom brings warmth to the metal furnishings and white linen. Burnt orange is a great choice for a comfortable adult room. It lends itself to shades of autumn. Yet as you can see from this room, it also fits well with monochromatic orange and white.

Golden Orange

This golden orange wall is epic! This lovely bohemian room is warm, cozy and I would say romantic!! I love the warm bedsheets and matching flowers. It is welcoming and not a bit overbearing.

True Orange

shades of orange - True Orange Bedroom Wall

This is true orange, a bright and happy colour. The big window lets in a lot of light and the white ceiling and white furniture ensures that the orange doesn’t overwhelm or darken the interior of the room. Dark blue offsets the colour beautifully.

Apricot Orange

Apricot Orange Bedroom - Shades of Orange

Apricot orange, more muted than true orange, this shade is a firm favourite for bedrooms. The room is light and airy so the colour looks great. It contrasts beautifully with the creamy furniture and the lovely light wooden floor. The white wall makes the room bigger creating a classic bedroom setting.

Light Orange

Another classic room with light orange walls. The colour in this room is paired with shades of white, green and cream, giving it a rich and opulent feel. Yet the room is still relaxing and inviting.

Bright Orange

Bright Orange Bedroom - Orange Two Colour Combination Walls

There is no mistaking the orange in this room. It is lively bright and vibrant, lending the room a modern and minimalistic look. The white contrasts perfectly with this colour and the little black wall decorations add a nice touch.

Orange is on Trend!

Orange has become a very popular colour in the decorating world and it’s easy to see why. There are so many colours that match orange. Various shades of orange also mean that you can choose the colour that best suits your tastes and lifestyle. From minimalistic and modern to classic good looks orange will brighten any bedroom in your home.