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Pink Two Colour Combination for Bedroom Walls

Pink two colour combination for bedroom walls is super trendy, but it can also be timeless if you choose the right shades and the right combination of colours. It very much depends on the atmosphere you want to achieve: pink can be romantic, soothing, lively, sexy or elegant.

Stylish interior of modern - Pink Two Colour Combination for Bedroom Walls room -

There is a bit of psychology involved in achieving the right effect, but it is your bedroom so feel free to express your personality. You might want to experiment a bit and if you are shy, start with one shade of pink and add additional colour with accessories. Most of all, have fun!

Pink Two Colour Combination for Bedroom Walls

There was a time when pink was the preferred colour for bedrooms for our baby girls. Then little girls and teenagers decided that they all wanted to have princess bedrooms (and everything else pink).

The interior is Scandinavian in style, with a wicker crib with a pink canopy, a beige armchair and wooden toys with a light, empty background - bedroom paint colors

But, pink is a strange colour that can work magic in your bedroom regardless of your age and gender. All you have to do is choose the right pink two colour combination for bedroom walls and make your bedroom a showcase and envy of all your friends.

A pink two colour combination for bedroom walls can create a soft, relaxing vibe. Or it can be very elegant and trendy if that is the atmosphere you are looking for in your bedroom. If you are trying to create a sexy, cosy nest, look for the right colours to complement pink and create just the right edge.

Pink is still the favourite colour for young girls and some boys, and when choosing the right pink shade and combination with other colours, let them choose and express themselves. They change ideas like they change their phones, so it is likely you will be repainting their bedroom in a year or two anyway.

Pink can fit seamlessly into any interior décor theme – vintage, modern, minimalist, Victorian, rustic, Scandinavian, and many others. It also works with almost all other colours but not all.

Choosing the right shade of pink is the key. Pink two colour combination for bedroom walls means very carefully choosing the complementary colour for your preferred pink shade. If you do not trust your ability to find the right combination, we are here to help. Here are the most popular and most attractive combinations you cannot go wrong with.

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Pink and White

White is the traditional colour to combine with pink, especially if you have chosen vivid, hot pink. It is interesting how adding white makes hot pink become more elegant, but still giving you the pop you want.

Girls bedroom with pink canopy bed, desk and chair - pink goes with what color

There are many ways to combine the two colours. You can paint three walls white and focus wall, such as the wall behind the bed, in pink. You can also paint the bottom half of the wall pink and the upper half white. Alternating pink and white stripes can be truly stunning.

If you are afraid of too much pink, add hints of pink to a white room, for example, a pink lamp or pink upholstered or a painted headrest, or even a pink comforter.

The more pink you add to a white room, the more edgy look you will achieve. If you want a more feminine look, choose paler, dusty pink.

Do not be afraid to add another colour to the combination, such as pale lemon cushions or lavender curtains.

Rose pink and mint

If pastels are your thing, you would not be afraid to combine rose pink with mint, like in your favourite ice cream. Surprisingly, they look great together and both exude serenity and harmony.

You might want to try this combination in your bedroom, but they would look really wonderful in your baby’s nursery. Kids bedrooms, at least until they are teenagers, always benefit from a bit of serenity.

Depending on the amount of mint combined with your rose pink room, your bedroom will look more or less relaxing. Mint has that effect on our senses.

Rose pink walls would look great with mint curtains and bed linen, or an antique painted chest of drawers. Even just a large mirror with the frame painted mint would provide a stunning effect. Be brave and experiment until your room feels just right.

For extra whimsy,  add a few yellow or lilac details such as pillow cushions.

Pale Pink and Purple

Purple is a natural colour for pink two colour combinations for bedroom walls. The combination is striking and elegant at the same time. Paining the bottom half of the walls in purple and upper in pink would give your bedroom a depth and stunning look.

A paler shade of purple with pale pink would be more soothing and you might want that look for your bedroom. In contrast, royal purple will make your bedroom, well, royal and very sexy.

The more royal purple and less pale pink, the more regal your bedroom will look.  Add dark curtains and lampshades for the mystical, romantic touch.

The room will look more feminine and bright if you keep the walls mostly pale pink and add purple in details such as furniture or armchair upholstery.

Rosy Pink and Yellow

Combining rosy pink with yellow will give your room such a cheerful look you will want to spend all your time in it. You can be sure that your daughter will love the combination. The way you add yellow to the pink walls can be in many quirky ways, such as a bright yellow-flowered mural, yellow bed canopy or pink and yellow stripes on the wall.

You can also make yellow the dominant colour and add pink details. The stronger shade of pink you choose, the more the colour will pop.

The pink and yellow bedroom will look stunning and very classic with flower-patterned bed linen or bed cover.

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Neon Pink and Blue

Neon pink was so hot in the 80s and it came back again in retro decorating style. But the combination of neon pink with cooler colours such as blue is so stunning that it brought neon pink right back in trend.

Choosing very pale blue to combine with neon pink will create a surprisingly soothing, almost Zen vibe. The more blue you add to the combination with neon pink, the calmer your bedroom will look.

But if you do not want calm but stunning, go for neon pink with dark blue or navy. That is an almost masculine, very sexy combination.

If you like neon pink but do not want it screaming in your bedroom, add it in moderation, such as in one piece of furniture that will pull the eye. How about painting your antique dresser neon pink?

Neon pink brings to mind adventure, so it might be the right colour for your teenager’s bedroom, especially when combined with black.

Blush Pink and Black

It is not only the teenagers that like the striking out of this world combination of pink and black. Vivid pink with black is more edgy and sexy, while pale pink with black creates elegance and style.

Modern minimalist interior background of the room, 3 dimensions - bedroom color ideas

If you paint walls black and use blush pink bed linen, your room will get the feel of a boudoir from the romantic novels. If you prefer a stately, soothing look, go for blush pink walls and black furniture and details. You can soften the look with some white touches, or make it more stunning with touches of gold. Just one gold lampshade can make such a statement.

Adding black to your blush pink room can be even more interesting if you choose patterned black and gold wallpaper or one black accent wall in the graphic pattern you like.

Thulian Pink and Black

Thulian pink is an exciting, cooler shade of pink with a hint of grey. That makes it wonderful to combine with stronger colours such as black, for an elegant, relaxing look.

You can play with combining thulian pink walls with black curtains or a few pieces of furniture but the really stunning look would be to make the two colours combined in a patterned wallpaper on one accent wall. Leave other walls the palest pink you can get.

Peach Pink and Ebony

Peach is such a soft, feminine and safe shade of pink it works in just about any colour combination. It always looks stylish and elegant. But combine it with ebony and you get a very different, more edgy and glamorous vibe.

Ebony bedroom furniture would really stand out in a totally peach bedroom. You can soften the contrast by adding a bit of white or grey, such as in bed linen.

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Peach Pink and Green

Elegant, feminine peach pink becomes something totally different when combined with green. The more vivid green you use, the more interesting and lively your room will look. But if you paint all your bedroom walls peach pink and just add a few green details, such as a green armchair and a couple of green palm trees, your bedroom will look soothing and relaxing.

Green Pistacho and pink childrens rooms, two zones, a bedroom and a play area, an archway between the rooms. Pink Two Colour Combination for Bedroom Walls

Combing contrasting colours in unusual combinations such as pink and green can succeed or fail depending on the shade you use.  Too much pink or too bright green would make your bedroom almost disturbing.

Peach Pink and White

Peach combined with white will make your bedroom elegant and feminine. Add to the effect by placing flowing white sheer curtains and bed canopy or mosquito net. Soft lighting is a must and so are a few green plants scattered around the room.

This is a very nice combination for girls’ bedrooms. You might want to add some details in stronger pink such as a painted chest of drawers or a dresser. A gold mirror or a lampshade would work great too.

Pink and Grey

Pink and grey colours go naturally together to create a soft, relaxing and understated vibe. Most shades of grey and pink work well together and complement each other.

You can use them in any combination, from painting pink stripes on grey walls to painting all walls one colour and adding details in another colour. Making one focus wall in bright pink and grey pattern can make the space look lively.

If you use soft shades of pink and grey, your room will look and feel soft and welcoming, a perfect lady’s sanctuary. Add sheer flowing white curtains to make it even more luxurious and inviting.

Grey is very trendy in interior design at the moment but it often looks cold and institutional. Adding touches of pink makes the look more lived in and softer.

Pink and Orange

The pink and orange combination is not for everyone as it can look too bright and busy. But using the right shades and in small details, it looks very glamorous and original.

Use soft pinks and darker orange to create contrast and avoid the colours clash. Using orange details in the room with soft pink walls can make a room look less feminine and more urban.

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Dusty Pink and Brown

The interior of the teen room Pink and Brown with elegant furniture and beautiful decorative elements - different shades of pink

Dusty pink and brown in all shades is an elegant, sophisticated combination that works great in modern interiors. Brown makes pink less feminine and more modern, especially if you use darker, chocolate brown. Adding brown to your pink bedroom will make your husband happier with your choice.

Pale Pink and Red

Pink in any shade combined with flamboyant red is a combination for artists. It is modern and cheerful but might look a bit too lively for the space where you want to relax after a busy day. Soften it by adding grey or beige details in furnishings and textiles.

Pale Pink and Dark Pink

Using two shades of pink, such as very dark pink and very pale dusty pink is a great combination for pink lovers. Darker pink details actually take away too feminine look that pink sometimes conveys. Experiment with pale and dark pink stripes on the walls or with using dark pink patterned wallpaper on one wall in the pale pink room.

Girls love pink in all shades and would love to play combining two or more shades of pink in their bedroom.

Rose Pink and Gold

Rose pink and gold combine for the luxurious and glamorous look of your bedroom. Use gold for details and let the rose pink create a romantic look. If you decide to go for pink and gold stripes on all walls, you will create a unique and original look that will not be too much if combined with grey bed linens and curtains.

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Coral Pink and Beige

Adding beige to the coral in your bedroom will add the edge to the mostly feminine pink look. On the other hand, coral pink details will bring a mostly beige bedroom to life.

Children's bedroom in classic style - pink room

Beige and pink in soft shades make a bedroom look romantic and relaxing at the same time. The combination is so harmonious that can be considered timeless.

Mauve and Ivory

Mauve is a very pretty, unique shade of pink that can be used to great advantage in a small bedroom to make it feel even cosier. Ivory will add elegance and sophistication.

Bedroom interior design in shades of lilac. 3d rendering.  two colour combination for bedroom walls

Adding mauve textiles to a monochromatic, simple bedroom will give it elegance and femininity.

Cotton Candy Pink and Indigo Blue

Pink goes great with dark indigo blue and you can combine them in any way – adding pink detail to the dark blue room or using dark linen in a pink bedroom to make it more mature and romantic.

A cozy dark room with a lamp next to a pink armchair, a vertical poster on a dark blue wall, peonies on a nightstand next to a bed with pink linen. Front view -  Pink Two Colour Combination for Bedroom Walls

This combination works great for kids’ rooms and even boys will not object to the pink details if dark blue dominates their space.

Different Shades of Pink | How to Choose Your Shade

It is amazing how different shades of pink create a completely different atmosphere. While the pale pink bedroom looks romantic and feminine, adding dark pink will make it more modern and edgy.

Pink childrens room - different shades of pink

Adding bright magenta or thulian pink create a sense of drama and romance. Combining a few dark pink shades makes for a very modern look, especially with gold details.

If your partner objects to too much pink in the bedroom, go for darker shades or use several shades of pink in details and accessories in an ivory or beige room.

For kids, especially little girls’ bedrooms, you can go as crazy with lively shades of pink as you wish. Or as they wish. Let them have fun. Add orange and green details for a truly original look the kids’ friends will envy.

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Pink Wall Tips & Tricks |  Make it Artistic

If you have an artistic flair and your bedroom partner does not object, you can play with pink to create unique effects:

Pink Wall Tips & Tricks |  Make it Artistic - Pink Two Colour Combination

  • In a pale pink room, outline only the borders in a berry or magenta pink. It creates bold, striking impact without being overpowering.
  • Design a geometric patterns on your walls using masking tape or stencils with two shades of pink or pink with some other colour you like..
  • Create the look of a wallpaper by repeating the same pattern on the wall, using pink with another colour.
  • Horizontal stripes in pink and another colour always look elegant and stylish. Use contrasting colours to make more of a statement.
  • Paint the ceiling with a strong pink in a pale pink room. The effect is striking.

Furniture & Decor Planning | Pink Goes With What Colour?

If you want to try a trendy pink two colour combination for bedroom walls but already have furniture you like and do not want to change, you will have to play with the right colour combinations that work. Of course, you have to think about the atmosphere you want to achieve.

White furniture already looks feminine so using pale pink on your walls will only add to that. Create a focus wall behind the headboard in bright pink combined with another colour such as brown or gold for a more trendy look.

What furniture colour goes with pink

Black furniture looks dramatic and contemporary. Bright pink will make the room more lively and pale pink on the walls will create a modern edgy contrast.

Brown or natural wood furniture goes with all shades of pink but pale pink walls will create a feminine, romantic vibe while dark pink will look more trendy and sexy.


Pink two colour combination for bedroom walls will allow you to make your bedroom trendy but also to introduce your personality and the atmosphere you like. Colours are powerful creators of mood, use them right. Do not be afraid to experiment, paint is cheap and walls can always be repainted.