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20 Cheap Ways to Block a Neighbor’s View

There are many cheap ways to block a neighbor’s view of your home. Splurging on fencing or landscaping is not always necessary to ensure privacy. However, nobody enjoys having their neighbors peer into their yards.

Ways to block neighbors view

You wouldn’t want your neighbor to peek into your yard while you are sunbathing or relaxing on the patio. That is why this article will list 20 cheap ways to block a neighbor’s view.

This will ensure that you have privacy in your own home and yard. And fortunately, it won’t break the bank to help you maintain a sense of peace and quiet.


Installing View Blockers

This article will break down 20 cheap ways to block a neighbor’s view into three categories. The first is installing physical view blockers to prevent anyone from seeing into your yard or onto your patio.

This type of barrier will work best if you have an established garden or move into a new place.

Lattice or Trellis?

Cheap ways to block neighbors view

This is arguably one of the best cheap ways to block a neighbor’s view. You can use lattice or trellis to prevent anyone from peering into your yard or seeing onto your patio.

Both lattice and trellis screens can often be purchased ready-made and are fairly inexpensive. Both lattice and trellis screens can be made of either wood or plastic.

For a more natural look, especially in a garden, wooden screens will be your best bet. However, often plastic screens will be cheaper.

Lattice is made of thin slats fastened in a crisscross pattern. The initial purpose of the trellis was to hold plants up and steady them as they grow, but it is now used decoratively as well.

Lattice and trellis screens can be hung on an undercover patio to prevent prying eyes or stuck directly into the ground in the garden for additional privacy. You can block a certain area or use it to create an entirely enclosed yard, it really is up to you.


2. Outdoor Screens

Outdoor screens used for privacy

Outdoor screens come in many shapes and forms and you can choose the option that best suits your budget. These screens are usually made from some type of canvas stretched between metal poles.

Although this is not a permanent fixture, it is a great way of creating temporary private corners in an established garden. They can also be placed around your patio and will not only block the neighbor’s view but also shade you from the sun.

Outdoor screens can also be made from metal and these can be hung permanently on your patio.


3. Outdoor Curtains

Cheap ways to block neighbors view - curtains

Outdoor curtains are readily available and easy to find. They are also easy to clean and easy to store.

This means that they are one of the top options for blocking a neighbor’s view. If you have some sturdy wooden or metal rods you can hang them around a patio or under a pergola to screen the view.

You can also either open or close the curtains depending on the level of privacy you want. Outdoor curtains have the added benefit of making any outdoor space look very homey.

It creates a sense of privacy and comfort and can really warm up a drafty patio or verandah. If you’re looking for an inexpensive way to block your neighbor’s view that will also kick up the comfort level, then outdoor curtains are your best bet.


4. Fences

Fences around home for privacy

If you are moving into a new place and notice that the neighbors have a full view of the property, then installing a fence is a good idea. A fence is an inexpensive way of blocking your entire property from the view of bystanders.

A fence can be made of anything, but popular inexpensive options include wood slats and corrugated iron. A corrugated iron fence is a stylish way of completely shielding your property.

Just remember that a metal fence will require maintenance to prevent rust and corrosion. If you don’t want to close off your property completely, staggered wooden slats in a fence can deter onlookers and still have an open feel.

A wooden fence will also require maintenance and may be pricier than a metal one.


5. Walls

Cheap ways to block neighbors view - wall

A wall is arguably the best way to block anyone’s view of your property. This is because walls are permanent fixtures that require very little maintenance once erected.

This makes a wall the most cost-effective option in the long run although it may be pricier initially. Although many people may think that a wall is an unsightly way of gaining privacy, there are ways to make it more aesthetically pleasing.

It is possible to install metal details on a wall for additional security and these can be designed to look very nice. You can also fasten the trellis to the wall to allow greenery to grow against it, creating a more natural look.

A masonry wall is the best way of blocking a neighbor’s view if you are moving into a new property. This way you can get all the construction work out of the way before you settle into your new home.

Otherwise, if you already live on the property, the construction may cause some disruption to your daily life for a short while.


Using Greenery to Create a Natural View Blocker

The second category of cheap ways to block a neighbor’s view is by using greenery. Plants are one of the best ways of creating a physical barrier between you and your neighbor without compromising the natural garden look.

Building walls and fences are excellent for blocking prying eyes, but it can make your home feel like Fort Knox. That is why many people would prefer using plants.

Plants largely act as an extension of your existing garden, but will effectively block anyone trying to look into your yard or patio.


6. Hedges

Cheap ways to block neighbors view - hedges

If you want to enclose your property and don’t mind waiting a while for cheap ways to block a neighbor’s view then hedges are a great option. There are many plants that can be used for hedges that effectively grow tall and obscure you from onlookers.

Walls and fences can sometimes feel a bit too closed-off and can make a small yard feel even smaller. If you have a small yard or small outdoor space, then hedges will be a fantastic choice.

Hedges are green and soft and create a barrier that feels very natural and open. The best plants to use for hedges that will block the view include arborvitae. These tree-type plants can grow to be 10 to 15 feet tall and they are very dense.

They are also easy to prune into shapes which makes them a great choice for a hedge or border. If you don’t mind waiting a while for the plants to grow, you can find these at an affordable price at any nursery.


7. Trees and Shrubs

Cheap ways to block neighbors view - trees

Another good option for using greenery to block your neighbor’s view of your yard is trees or shrubs. If you select tall-growing trees and shrubs, you can effectively create a dense barrier between you and your neighbor.

Using trees or shrubs as a barrier is best in gardens that are large in size and already feature a variety of plants. You can create an effective barrier while still retaining the feeling of a natural garden.

Trees can be staggered at the edge of your property which means that they can create the feeling of a forest at the bottom of your garden. Planting trees or shrubs in a staggered fashion will block the view but won’t feel like a physical barrier.

This is good if you are looking to create a barrier that essentially doesn’t look like a wall of green. The best trees for blocking the view are cypress trees. They grow well and easily and can reach heights of 50 to 80 feet with a spread of 20 to 30 feet.


8. Vines or Creepers

Closeup of purple climbing clematis flowers

If you have a wire fence or already-installed trellis or lattice screens, and you want a little more privacy, then using vines or creepers is an excellent idea. A wire fence may prevent people from walking onto your property, but it won’t block the view.

For more privacy, planting vines or creepers next to the fence can help. Vines and creepers grow fast and dense and will quickly turn any see-through fence into a solid wall of green.

This is an excellent choice for balconies, patios, and small backyard gardens. Clematis is an excellent creeper to use for privacy as it grows fast and has beautiful purple flowers.

The Trumpet vine is a great vine to use because its thick, glossy leaves create privacy and their stunning orange-red flowers add a touch of color to your existing garden.


9. Hang Plants Strategically

Home grown flowers and herbs in the hanging pots

If you have a patio or verandah in full view of the neighbors, hanging plants strategically can be very effective. This is a great option if your patio is in view of a neighbor with a double-story house.

People looking down on your patio can create a sense of intrusion and by hanging plants strategically, you can effectively block their view. Hanging plants create a greenhouse effect and look very beautiful.

You can find hanging plants that trail down and others that bloom in flowers of many colors. This creates a sense of bringing your garden onto your patio while keeping your outdoor area private.

Staghorn ferns are a great option for creating a dense overhead covering. They trail beautifully and grow well on a shady porch. Geraniums are a fantastic option for a pop of color and a patio that gets full sun most of the time.


10. A Bamboo Forest

Wooden platform and Asian Bamboo forest

Using trees and plants to create a physical barrier is a fantastic idea and it looks very natural and beautiful. There are many types of trees to choose from when you want to create a view blocker, but bamboo is one of the best.

If you want to create a natural forest in your very own garden, then bamboo is the top choice. They grow fairly well in a variety of conditions and because the stalks are thin and long, you don’t need that much space.

This makes it an excellent choice for gardens of all sizes. Whereas you do need a large garden to grow full-sized trees in a forest structure, bamboo can work in smaller gardens as well.


11. Supersized Pots and Planters

Cheap ways to block neighbors view - Large pots with large plant.

If you have a small outdoor seating area that you would like to block from view, supersized pots and planters are a good choice. Although the pots and planters may initially be expensive, they will last forever and is an affordable choice in the long run.

It is a great idea to find pots and planters that are so large that they effectively block off your outside area. You can then plant thick and dense plants in them to create additional height and more privacy.

Supersized pots and planters look stylish and elegant and create a sense of luxury. If you plant trees or shrubs in supersized pots and planters, you will create a very effective barrier.

Shrubs are hardier than flowers and will need less water and maintenance overall. Elderberry shrubs have flowers and berries which make them an excellent choice. Arborvitae also grows well in pots and create a very dense, green barrier.


12. Cascading Landscaping

Multi tiered garden design - cascading effect for privacy

The idea of using cascading landscaping to block your neighbor’s view is good if you are moving into a new property. This will take some time to set up initially but will be very effective in the long run.

It is best to use a landscape artist to help you plan the setup, but after that, you can do it yourself if you are a fairly handy person. Layering your landscape can create private pockets in your garden that is safe from neighbors’ prying eyes.

Essentially you will be creating higher and lower spaces in your garden that will block off certain areas.


13. Container Gardens

Urban style garden with seating and decking.

Container gardens are an excellent way of creating privacy for an outdoor seating area. Using pallets or containers, you can plant a hedgerow of shrubs or flowers behind a firepit or seating area.

This will block anyone’s view of the area and create a beautiful barrier behind you. If you plant flowers in the containers, it will also create a fragrant pop of color to beautify your seating area.

There are many plants that grow well in containers, but take note of where you are planning to use it. If you are using it as a barrier to screen an outdoor seating area, choose plants that grow best in full sun.

Otherwise, use it to shield your patio with shade-resistant flowers.


Use Overhead Coverings to Block the View From Above

Cheap ways to block neighbours view with overhead cover

Many people in urban settings find that neighbors with double-story homes look down into their gardens or onto their patios. This can be a nuisance for those that want privacy.

Therefore, using an overhead covering can help you regain a sense of privacy from top-floor prying eyes.


14. Overhead Shade

Creating an overhead covering can be as simple as installing an overhead shade cloth over your patio or verandah. This is an excellent way of creating a shady spot to sit and blocking the view as well.

Overhead shade cloth is one of the top choices of cheap ways to block a neighbor’s view. You can also use a retractable awning for the same purpose.

If you do use awnings, you can choose to have them either open or closed, this works especially well on balconies.

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15. Pergolas

If you have a nice seating area in the garden or an open patio, you may dislike your neighbors looking down on you. If you buy a ready-made pergola, you can block their view and add charm to your garden.

A pergola is a wonderful way of blocking the view and the structure can even be adorned with flowers or plants to help it blend into the garden.


16. Closeable Slats or Blinds

If you have an existing structure such as a pergola over your patio, then adding closeable slats or blinds can add privacy. The idea is that closing the slats or blinds on your overhead pergola creates a physical barrier when you want it to.

However, you can also open it up to let the sun in when the neighbors are away.


Get Creative and DIY a Solution

If you are a hands-on person and interested in do-it-yourself solutions, then there are many cheap ways to block a neighbor’s view. Of course, these ideas mean getting your hands dirty, but they are very effective and can look very nice if done well.


17. Create a Creative View Blocker


Image Credit: Mila Moskovskaya/ Shutterstock.com

A creative view blocker is essentially a barrier that you create yourself from found objects. A favorite option is stringing colored wine bottles or other glass bottles together and hanging them in front of your porch.

The glass will glint in the sun, throw colored speckles on your porch, and effectively block your porch from the neighbor’s view. You can also string seashells or other items on fishing line and hang them to block your patio from view.

You can also upcycle plastic bottle caps and fasten them to wooden boards to create an environmentally-friendly barrier. The bottle caps will look like flowers and you can choose colors that complement your home and garden.


18. Hang or Plant Old Wooden Doors

Old wooden doors can be very beautiful. It is a good idea to go to thrift shops and second-hand goods stores to find these at a low price. You can then line up the doors and either hang them or use pegs to drive them into the ground.

This creates an interesting barrier that will create the feeling of a cottage garden. It is a good idea to use these doors in the garden itself but they can also be hung on the porch for an interesting yet very effective view blocker.


19. Use Backyard Structures in a Smart Way

shed in beautiful garden

There are many backyard structures that can be used in a very smart way to block a neighbor’s view of your property. The great thing about using backyard structures to block the view is that they serve a dual purpose.

You can strategically purchase and place a ready-made shed in the garden to block a seating area from view. This means that you score additional storage space on your property as well as a very effective view blocker.

Another smart plan is to strategically place chicken coops or children’s jungle gyms to block the view. These structures won’t look like barriers but they will definitely get the job done!


20. Strategically Utilize a Fireplace, Outdoor Grill, or Fountain

Cheap ways to block neighbors view with items

If you have a seating area that you would like to block from view, using a fireplace or outdoor grill can be very effective. A fireplace that is built from stone can be made to be as tall as you’d like, especially if you do it yourself.

This will effectively block the view and add an additional, functional feature to your garden. Otherwise, if you have no interest in an outdoor fireplace, placing a fountain between your neighbors and your seating area can be a good idea.

A large fountain can block the neighbor’s view and, as an added bonus, the babbling water will block any noise and voices which means that your neighbors won’t be able to listen in on your outdoor conversations.

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Cheap Ways to Block a Neighbor’s View for You

There are many good and cheap ways to block a neighbor’s view of your patio or garden. The type of view blocker you choose will largely depend on the size and type of garden that you have and whether you want to block the entire garden from view or just the patio.

It is a good idea to take stock of your outdoor areas and choose the ones that you’d like to block from view. Greenery is a good choice in the garden and using innovative structures such as trellis, lattices or creative view blockers is best to shield a patio from view.

Essentially, the type of view blocker you choose will come down to personal preference.