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What Colors Go With Lime Green | Green Color Combinations

If you love the lime green color, you really have to find out what colors go with lime green to avoid turning your home into a circus. Because lime green is beyond vibrant. It is live and loud and juicy, hence its fruity name.

hand painting wall in green

But, because lime green packs such a punch, it can make a spectacular difference in the way your room looks with just a little bit of it. And that is the operative word: a little bit. And combined with other colors that soften it up or complement it, or contrast it in just the right way. Here are some ideas, based mostly on what the green colour palette and experts suggest.

What Colors Go With Lime Green

Lime green and black

Black is one colour that will make a lime green wall look elegant. This dramatic combination works best you paint one wall lime green and make your floor black or almost black. You can soften the lime green wall with black frames on the paintings or by large black and white frames photos.

What Colors Go With Lime Green

Another way to combine lime green and black is to find patterned wallpaper with those two colors dominant. As a focal wall, such wallpaper would make a real statement.

Lime green can be used as a spot of colour in a predominantly black room. Black walls and the black floor would look spectacular with lime green curtains and a lime green upholstered sofa.

Use your imagination. This is a combination to use when you really want to make a statement.

Pink Two Colour Combination for Bedroom Walls

Lime green and pink

It is hard to believe until you put them together, but the lime green looks great with just the right shade of pink. It all depends on what feel you want to achieve.

Pink velvet sofa with fancy lime green cushion. Luxurious furniture. What colors go good with lime green

Bright pink such as raspberry pink combined with lime green would make a room cheerful, bright and full of life. It would look great in the kids’ room. Pale pink combined with very pale lime green would create a pastel look that is very feminine and soothing.

Lime green and orange

It is not rare to find lime green and orange combined in the tropics, with entire houses painted in those two colours. Why not bring a feel of a tropical island into your living room by choosing wallpaper with orange and lime green patterns for one focal wall? Or painting one wall orange and introducing lime green with lush tropical plants and cushions on the sofa?

what colors go well with lime green

Lime green feels cool on its own. Adding orange details to your room would warm it up. Sort of combining lime and orange flavours ice cream.

Grey Two Colour Combination for Bedroom Walls | Grey Room Ideas

Lime green and grey

Grey is one colour you would naturally think of when deciding what colors go with lime green. It is neutral and would tone down the lively and show-stopping effect of lime green.

Adding lime green to a room with grey walls would instantly bring the temperature of the room up and make it less boring. You can use any shade of grey, they would all wonderfully complement lime green in any combination.

If you want to combine lime green with a neutral colour and do not like grey, use beige or tan. They would soften the impact of lime green just like grey.

Lime green and red

It takes courage or a very artistic temperament to combine lime green with red and you have to be very careful what shade of red to use. But adding a cherry red sofa in a room with lime green walls would look stunning. So will a room with raspberry red walls with a forest of lime green tropical plants, or a large painting of a tropical jungle.

Lime green and red sofa - What colors go best with lime green?

In whatever way you want to combine lime green and red, one of them has to be in small details, such as a red lamp in a lime green room or lime green chest of drawers in a burgundy red room. The secret in making this combination work is not overdoing it, or your room will look too loud.

Lime green and white

Adding lime green in a white room will give it just the right touch of freshness. This combination is cool, makes the room look large and bright and you can use it in any room in the house.

Colors that go with green: Lime green and white living area. Green cushions

You can introduce lime green in a white room in a number of ways: with lime green curtains, even in lime green ceiling and area rug.  In a white room, you can be a bit more liberal when adding lime green details, it can take it without being overwhelming.

Because white and lime green create a cool, fresh look, you might want to add a few warm details such as yellow cushions or a red vase.

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Lime green and brown

If you wonder what colors go with lime green, brown comes to mind as the most natural. Just like brown tree trunk goes with lime green leaves, a green area rug would look wonderful with brown leather sectional.

Brown and green master bedroom with elegant double bed: What colors go with lime green? Lime green and brown

A very masculine look of brown bed linen in a bedroom would instantly look less serious with a few velvet lime green pillows or a large painting of lime green fruits.

You can play with different shades of brown to see which you like most. The darker brown is, the bigger contrast it makes with lime green and the stronger statement.

Lime green and yellow

Yellow and lime green bring the feel of a sunny day in the field. It is a bright, lively combination that works great in the kitchen, or in a room without natural light.

Rare lime green and yellow antique bathroom design - What Colors Go With Lime Green? Lime green and yellow

Gold yellow will bring elegance to a room with lime green details. You can introduce it with lamps, mirrors or painting frames or just one piece of furniture.

Lime green and other shades of green

Adding darker green details to a lime green room will bring it just the right contrast.  Try painting baseboards dark green, or paint kitchen cabinets forest green and walls lime green.

minimalistic side building with green wall - Lime green and other shades of green

Add warmer colours to avoid the room looking too much like a deep forest.  White as a third colour will make the combination more elegant.

You can combine several shades of green in a kids’ room in a mural or a wallpaper of a jungle or forest. Hang a few plush monkeys or butterfly cut-outs for a full impact.

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Lime green and blue

Lime green combines wonderfully with blue, especially darker shades such as marine blue or denim blue. Blue would soften the strong impact of lime green.

SoftGreen game room in the kindergarten. Lime green and blue

The combination looks better if lime green is introduced in small details in a dark blue room. This combination is stately and pretty serious and it can be used in bedrooms where you want the soothing feel with a touch of lime green whimsy.

Lime green and purple

Like with dark blue, lime green combines wonderfully with purple if purple is the dominant colour and is complemented with lime green details. The two colors also look great when mixed in patterns, in wallpaper or textiles, whether they are floral or geometric.

Lime green knot pillow on grey corner couch. Lime green and purple. Colors that go with green

If you really like purple and want all walls of your bedroom painted purple to make it look sexy and mysterious, add a few lime green details  such as one lime green sofa or chair to avoid the room looking too serious. Lime green does add a touch of whimsy to any room.

Lime Green Colour Schemes | Lime Green Colour Palettes

Lime green colour combinations-colour schemes and colour palettes- are listed in a colour combo library, a handy way to choose what colors go with lime green if you are not confident doing it yourself.

Healthy Lifestyle Designer Color Palette inspired by citrus fruit on a dark green textured background. Lime Green Colour Palettes

Named by juicy citrus fruit, the lime green colour is lively and fresh and adds a touch of playfulness to any room.

There is a whole science of combining lime green with other colors based on its location on the colour wheel.

Color wheel isolated circle on white background | Lime Green Colour Schemes

 The colour wheel is a visual depiction of colors, with colour hues arranged based on their wavelength. Colour wheel is used in art and design to choose colors, colour combinations and colour schemes based on their relationships to one another. You can choose colors that are close to each other and complementary or colors on the opposite end of the colour wheel, for a contrasting look.

The colour code for the hex colour lime green colour is #32CD32. In the Pantone system, the code for lime green is 14-0452 TPX.

If you want to mix lime green yourself, mix three parts yellow to one part blue paint.

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Conclusion | What Colors Go With Lime Green

When learning what colors go with lime green, you will find a lot of pretty, harmonious combinations and a few pretty crazy ones. It just shows that you can use lime green colour in decorating your room for achieving different looks: soothing, wild, cheerful, elegant or just to make a statement and show your personality.

What we have given you are just some ideas. With colors, you are allowed to go a bit wild. After all, if you make a mistake, painting over is not a big or expensive deal.