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Flowers That Start With Q | 10 Quality Flowers

Flowers that start with Q may not number in the hundreds, but each is distinctive in appearance and quality. When it comes to plants that start with Q, you need to look out for Queen Anne’s Lace, Queen of the Meadow, and Queen’s Tears. Queen Anne’s Lace is a helpful herb, but it resembles hemlock.

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Queen’s Tears and Queen of the Meadow can be pesky for your garden. Queen’s Tears tend to bring in garden pests, while the other flower is a noxious weed.

Flower names that start with Q are listed below to help you decide what you might want in your outdoor garden, although a few could be added to your indoor atrium.

Plants beginning with Q will have a type, water, soil PH, and sun needs listed to help you, along with other important requirements.

10 Quality Flowers That Start With Q

1. Quaker Ladies

Flowers that start with Q - Quaker Ladies

Quaker Ladies is a pale blue wildflower that grows naturally in North America and lives in rocky, acidic soil. As perennial plants, they grow best in spring.

These showy flowers are outdoor plants that reach 3 to 6 inches tall. Each blossom is tiny and has four petals that are pale-violet with a yellow center. A unique characteristic is some flowers will be white.

Scientific Name: Houstonia Caerulea
Water: Regular watering is needed
Soil PH: acidic, Ph 5 to 6
Sun: Full to partial sun
Hardiness Zone: 6-9


2. Queen Anne’s Lace

Queen Anne's Lace

Queen Anne’s Lace is a wildflower, herb, and part of the carrot family. It grows naturally in North America. The name originates from Queen Anne of Great Britain, along with Anne of Denmark, her great grandmother.

This is a biennial, which the early Europeans cultivated and it was eaten by the Romans as vegetables. The flowers are similar to hemlock, making it easy to get confused with the poisonous plant.

Quuen Anne’s Lace is a cluster of little white flowers that start curled up and then open to allow for pollination.

In addition, the plant needs a dry environment. Not all flowers that start with Q grow well in North America, and this species came from Europe during the 17th century.

Scientific Name: Daucus Carota
Water: low-maintenance, dry soil is best
Soil PH: 5.5 to 7
Sun: full sun
Hardiness Zone: 3 to 9
Height At Maturity: 1 meter tall

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3. Queen Of Meadow

Flowers that start with Q - Queen of the Meadow

Also known as Meadowsweet, Queen of Meadow is considered a noxious weed. Planting them can mean an overgrowth in your garden.

It is a perennial plant native to Asia and Europe with a yellow flower. Unfortunately it has become quite invasive in parts of North America.

Queen of meadow grows best during June and August. And grows well in the wet ground such as marshes and swamps.

Also known to be a problem for asthmatic people so not a good choice if you are asthmatic.

Scientific Name: Filipendula Ulmaria
Type: Perennial
Water: moist to wet soil
Soil PH: neutral to mildly alkaline
Sun: thrives in full sun
Hardiness Zone: 3-9


4. Queen Of The Prairie

 Queen of the Prairie flowers also known as Filipendula pink blossoms

The Queen of the Prairie offers a smattering of white or pink flowers that rise above green foliage. It blooms in mid to late summer.

As a wildflower, it is tall and grows in North America. It works well in several soil conditions and offers excellent borders to gardens.

The Queen of the Prairie requires full to partial sun, with a well-draining soil that is kept moist. It is a low-maintenance flower.

Like many flowers that start with Q, the Queen of the Prairie does not need deadheading or much care. It will bloom as it needs to and provide a pretty addition to your garden. It is deer resistant.

Scientific Name: Filipendula Rubra
Type: wildflower
Water: moist soil needed
Soil PH: any soil
Sun: Full to partial sun
Hardiness Zone: 3 to 9
Height at Maturity: 6 to 8 feet

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5. Queens Cup

Flowers that start with Q - Queens Cup

A wildflower, Queens Cup is a US native. A unique characteristic is its white flower on a slender stalk. Many call it the Bride’s bonnet because of its appearance; significantly, its lance-shaped leaves.

It grows in summer and produces a blue berry that is toxic to humans. But our feathered friends and deer do feed on this flower.

The Queens Cup is used for indigenous people’s eye medicine in the Pacific Northwest.

Flowers that start with Q are usually wildflowers that don’t have anything but an aesthetic appeal, making Queens Cup unique with its medicinal properties.

Scientific Name: Clintonia Uniflora
Type: Lily
Water: needs well-drained soil
Soil PH: needs a rich soil
Sun: partial to full shade
Hardiness Zone: 4 to 8
Height At Maturity: 6 to 10 inches tall


6. Queen Of Sheba

Queen of Sheba Flower

The Queen of Sheba is part of the orchid family, with over 25,000 species. Many consider the Queen of Sheba the Holy Grail because it is rare in purple and pink colors.

The flowers usually have dark purple spots outlined with yellow-gold. The flower blooms from August through September. Orchids, even those flowers that start with Q, require little care as long as they are not overwatered.

The soil should be an Orchid choice, so the plant has the correct Ph and drainage. Orchids like to drain and keep only moist soil. They can survive in drought.

Scientific Name: Thelymitra speciosa
Type: Orchid
Water: moist but not wet
Soil PH: neutral
Sun: full sun
Hardiness Zone: 9 to 11
Height at Maturity: six inches tall

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7. Queen’s Tears

Flowers that start with Q - Queens Tears

Queen’s tears are found in Argentina, Brazil, and Uruguay. The plant is part of the bromeliad family.

It can grow in a pot or be planted near other plants that need moisture from leaves and flowers. The roots do not need to be buried deep.

The soil required is orchid or bromeliad, which does best in humid, warm conditions.

Unfortunately, this plant attracts garden pests. Since this plant is an orchid and can attract pests, it is best grown indoors.

It needs at least 40 degrees F to survive. Unlike some Orchids, it does not like full sun. When it flowers, it will last up to 8 weeks.

Scientific Name: Billbergia Nutans
Type: Orchid
Water: moist soil
Soil PH: neutral
Sun: partial sun, never direct sunlight
Hardiness Zone: 10
Height at Maturity: 16 inches


8. Queens Wreath

Queens Wreath

The Queens Wreath is similar to wisteria. It has drooping, purple blossoms that are star-shaped, and it can grow to be 40 feet in its vine-like structure.

A native plant to Central America and Mexico that does not like frost. Once the plant is well-established, it can tolerate drought and partial sun, but a new plant needs regular water and full sun.

Required soil is clay, sand, or loam, which allows for proper drainage. Like many of the flowers that start with Q, do not overwater this plant.

It needs medium moisture, so a moist soil to the roots. The Queens Wreath was found in the West Indies before it made its way through Southern Mexico into Central and South America.

It grows well in Paraguay, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, and Hispaniola.

Scientific Name: Petrea Volubilis
Type: Evergreen
Water: requires medium moisture
Soil PH: 5.6 to 7.5
Sun: full sun to partial shade
Hardiness Zone: 9-11
Height at Maturity: 6 to 12 feet, when trimmed

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9. Quesnelia

Flowers that start with Q - Quesnelia

The Quesnelia plant is actually a genus of 20 flower species found in Brazil, particularly, the southeastern and eastern regions. This plant belongs to the Bromeliaceae family.

It is unique with cone-shaped flowers that bloom in the winter months. This plant is low-maintenance, making it easy to have in your garden.

Flowers can be blue, pink, red, or yellow. The Quesnelia can grow in pots and is a suitable houseplant. It won’t overtake the pot you put it in and it can grow in the sun or shade so it does well inside.

You want to make sure you have an excellent draining pot if you plant it indoors.

Scientific Name: Quesnelia quesneliana
Type: Perennial
Water: mesic- meaning it needs moderate moisture
Soil PH: 6.1 to 6.5 to neutral 6.6 to 7.3
Sun: Full sun to full shade
Hardiness Zone: 9-12
Height At Maturity: bloom size is under 1 inch


10. Quince

Flowers that start with Q - Quince

A shrub with fruit, the Quince is a western Asian flower. Flowers that start with Q are mainly easy to take care of, and the Quince is no different.

It grows in April and May, and the flowers are a beautiful white, pale pink, or red. The fruit is best picked in summer.

It likes full to partial sun with well-fertilized soil and it is easy to grow as long as you choose alkaline clay. As a shrub, it requires some pruning if you use it as a border or hedge.

Hummingbirds really love the Quince. This plant survives well if watered in the morning and let dry before the evening is over. You can also spray the leaf spots to keep the foliage wet.

Since this is an Asian flower, it grows best in humidity, with warm temperatures, but it can live at 25 degrees F, as long as it doesn’t stay that cold for too long. If necessary, this plant can be fertilized.

Scientific Name: Chaenomeles
Type: Fruit
Water: drought-tolerant, water to excess in the morning
Soil PH: neutral to acidic
Sun: Full to partial sun
Hardiness Zone: 4 to 9
Height At Maturity: 5 to 10 feet


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The list of flowers that start with Q is not long but we hope this list of quality royal flowers helps you choose which flowers you’d like to explore and beautify your environment.

Make sure you take note of each plant’s requirements, in order to get the best success. Let us know which flowers beginning with Q you find most fascinating.