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Bathroom Ceiling Ideas | Stylish and Affortable Decor Ideas

Bathroom ceiling ideas are essential if you are looking to renovate the most visited room in the house. Ceilings have the power to make so much difference to any room due to lighting and it can set the bathroom atmosphere.

Your bathroom should be one of the most comfortable and comforting rooms in the house. It has the potential to show your great taste and styling and when you sell your home, it is the bathroom that could make or break the deal!

Bathroom ceiling ideas - Spacious bathroom in gray tones with heated floors, freestanding tub, walk-in shower, double sink vanity and skylight

Spacious bathroom in gray tones with heated floors, freestanding tub, walk-in shower, double sink vanity and skylight

The ceiling may not be the first surface you consider when thinking about an upgrade. Whyever not? An unusual ceiling treatment could make all the difference in your bathroom and at relatively little cost.

You must, of course, take account of the humidity when changing your bathroom. Too often ceilings fall prey to mold and mildew, but with careful consideration of the many products now available on the market, you can make a change that will last for years.

Standout Bathroom Ceiling Ideas

Whether your bathroom is big or small, classic or contemporary, dozens of ceiling décor ideas could fit your space. We’ve put together a few of the best bathroom ceiling ideas to help you choose the bathroom ceiling décor that matches your budget and your style.

Skinny Wood Slat Bathroom Ceiling

Skinny Wood Slat Bathroom Ceiling

Skinny Wood Slat Bathroom Ceiling

Wood has a way of warming up living space and it’s no different in the bathroom. If you’re looking for cheap wooden ceiling ideas, skinny slats may be the answer. These ceilings are modern, yet warm and inviting. It is quick and easy to install skinny slats. All that is needed to make them stay in place is to find the ceiling joists and nail your slats in. When buying the wood for your skinny slats, make sure that they are treated to prevent moisture damage.

Vintage Black Bathroom Ceiling

Vintage Black Bathroom Ceiling

Vintage Black Bathroom Ceiling

Black, charcoal, or midnight blue can create a lovely finish in the right bathroom. These dark colors are often best in bigger bathrooms with high ceilings. The monochrome tones in this bathroom allow the warm bronze of natural elements like brass and wood to stand out. With the right amount of light, a dark ceiling could make the room appear more spacious. Just another one of those cheap ceiling ideas that will lend style and elegance to your bathroom.

Go Classic with Vintage Tiles

Vintage tiles, whether they are molded or metallic, give any room a warm classic feel of a typical country home. Some of the more luxurious may even bring with them the nostalgia of mansions from an era long gone. These ceilings lend a certain luxury to the room as you can see in this classic bathroom. The light pink and beige colors keep the edges soft and comforting. These tiles are perfect for bathroom ceilings because they are durable and can withstand moisture, so they make a good choice in bathroom décor.

Glass Ceiling Bathroom

Glass Ceiling Bathroom

Glass Ceiling Bathroom

Who said your bathroom had to be drab and dark? Who demanded that wall windows should offer the only external light? Enjoy the views of the heavens above through your transparent ceiling and invite the natural light into your grooming areas. Your plants will love this ceiling décor idea. The only possible disadvantage may be the heat in the summer. Consider shading solutions to avoid creating a sauna in your bathroom.

Painted Beadboard Bathroom Ceiling

Painted beadboard is a popular choice of ceiling for many rooms in the house. It has a lovely classic look that will complement most design ideas. The white painted wood shows off the texture and detailing of a traditional wooden ceiling. At the same time, the lighter color gives the room the illusion of more space and light. The window and white drapes help to make this bathroom fresh and inviting.

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Accented Bathroom Ceilings

Accented Bathroom Ceilings - bathroom of a flat in attic with basin, mirror, light, window, toilet, bathtub, cabinets and wooden ceiling

Bathroom of a flat in attic with wooden ceiling

As bright and airy as the previous bathroom is, this one would be quite somber and austere if it weren’t for the wooden accents throughout the bathroom. The wood is carried through from the pedestal to the shower ceiling ensuring that it stands out and lifts the mood. Cosmetic mirror illumination, an elegant pot with flowers, and pendant lights can also help to lighten the mood in this bathroom.

Brighten Your Bathroom with a Skylight

Bathroom Skylight

Bathrooms are often among the darkest rooms in a home so most could benefit from new sources of light. Install a skylight and let the light shine in. With windows like these that can open, you’ll also improve the ventilation. Not only will your plants benefit but you will too as good ventilation inhibits the growth of the mold and mildew for which bathrooms are notorious. In this picture, the cactus adds a charming green touch.

A strategically placed skylight will save you money on energy and make the room look so much more spacious. We concede that this is not one of the cheap ceiling ideas but it will pay dividends in the long run.

Bathroom Ceiling with Exposed Beams

Bathroom Ceiling with Exposed Beams

Bathroom Ceiling with Exposed Beams

You’re unlikely to renovate your bathroom to include a beautiful elaborate ceiling such as this. Still, if you’re adding an extra bathroom, it’s good to see what is possible. This bathroom ceiling with exposed beams is a real show-stopper. The white paint and hardware contrast starkly with the warm dark wood and give it a warm rustic feel that harks back to bygone days.

Wooden Wall Paneled Bathroom Ceiling


Wooden ceilings are very popular and easy to install if you use modern wall paneling. You can use wood to create a traditional or contemporary space. Though often used in classic farm-style homes, this bathroom demonstrates how wood paneling can also add a contemporary finish to a large bathroom. Choose pine cedar or teak to build your ceiling as these types of wood are more resistant to moisture than some of the other wood products on offer. You can also create this look by using a top-quality shiplap that resists moisture. Just another cheap wooden ceiling idea!

Add a Pop of Color to Your Bathroom Ceiling

Yellow Bathroom Ceiling Idea - White and neon yellow bathroom design idea, yellow handles, double sink, toilet, graphic ceiling and window

Yellow Bathroom Ceiling Idea

One of the cheapest and easiest ways to brighten up your bathroom is to paint the ceiling. There is no reason why you should stick to a plain old vanilla ceiling when you can modernize your bathroom with a lick of vibrant paint. This modern yellow, white and black ceiling draws the eye upward. Add some cohesion to the room with accessories like towel rail and splash back in a similar vibrant tone. If you love vibrant tones, try out lime green combinations, one of my favourites.

Wallpaper Treatment for Your Bathroom Ceiling

Who said that wallpaper wouldn’t work on the ceiling? Wallpapering your ceiling could create a warm finish to embrace you in a welcoming and elegant finish. In this bathroom, the wall-papered ceiling creates a tent-like ambiance that puts the beautiful bath center stage. You can almost smell the sandalwood as you sink into the warm suds with a good book.

Bathroom humidity can cause wallpaper to peel, so make sure to buy a good quality paper that can withstand moisture.

Painted White Bathroom Ceilings

Painted White Bathroom Ceilings - cheap ceiling ideas

While the vast majority of bathrooms sport white ceilings, there is a perfectly good reason for this. It’s one of those cheap ceiling ideas that only needs a lick of paint every so often. It won’t interfere with any colors that you may add to the bathroom, and who says that white bathroom ceilings are all boring? This monochrome bathroom proves quite the contrary. Dressed entirely in stark black and white the décor in this room makes quite the statement. It’s clean-cut, elegant, and practical. If you love a touch of color, then it is important to learn how to match colors, so you can create an elegant bathroom.

Mix it up with Different Bathroom Ceilings

Modern Bathroom Ceiling White and Wooden - Cheap wood ceiling ideas

Can’t make up your mind what type of bathroom ceiling will suit your style? Why not mix it up and separate the areas into distinct regions with different ceiling treatments. This modern bathroom shows just how mixing it up can create interest and style, and it’s not just contemporary bathrooms that can benefit from this type of styling. It is also possible to create separate alcoves in a classic bathroom by mixing wood, tile, and stone finishes. The only elemdent missing here is some nice shower curtins.

Mosaic Tiles | Made to Last

Modern luxury bathroom with floor to ceiling mosaic tiles

Tiles are always a good idea in the bathroom since they are durable and tolerate humidity so well. So why not take your tiles onto the ceiling. It’s a finish that is built to last. Laying large tiles is a difficult task to achieve, not so much so mosaic tiles as they are light and flexible. These tiles aren’t cheap but you could use them to bring out your inner artist. Create a design that will personalize your bathroom and showcase your talent.

Shiny Tiled Bathroom Ceiling

The owners of this home have clearly gone to some expense and effort to create a beautiful bathroom. The high gloss tile ceilings could not have been easy to install but this is one of those ceiling ideas that exude opulence and style. The entire bathroom conveys the message of no expenses spared, delivering a luxurious appeal that is hard to ignore. The stunning ceiling, and modern sanitaryware all add to a cohesive finish that exudes style. If you love big windows and also privacy, there are some easy ways you can make your bathroom more private.

A Rustic Bathroom with a Bathroom Ceiling to Match

Rustic bathroom in the foreground the counter top washbasin

We all like the feel of a country home. It reminds us of big warm family dinners around the kitchen table, the smell of bread baking, and walks down country lanes. The mix of warm browns along with the wooden ceiling and window in this bathroom perfectly cradle the modern utilities in warm shades that invite you to come in and enjoy, for a while, the serene tranquility.

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Pure White Bathroom with Pitched Ceiling

Pure White Bathroom with Pitched Ceiling

Many bathrooms have pitched roofs as builders make the most of the available space. This bathroom demonstrates just how attractive a pitched ceiling can be. The white walls and ceiling create an illusion of space and light, showing that a small bathroom with a low-pitched roof need not become a dark and dingy room. The bathroom is clean, inviting and the natural finishes add to the charm.

False Bathroom Ceilings

False Bathroom Ceilings

The addition of a false ceiling in your bathroom could help you to style up and modernize the room. In this bathroom, they added an false ceiling that hides the concealed lighting. The clever use of a large shiny tiles on the wall gives the design symmetry and extends the space. The huge sinks and bath finishes add to the contemporary look.

The Luxury of Vaulted Bathroom Ceilings

Vaulted ceilings have become quite popular in recent years as they give the room more height and add space. This bathroom is like a sanctuary almost a chapel, exuding peace and calm. The tub, right in the spotlight forms the centerpiece of the room. It’s bright, it’s light and it’s inviting.

Bring Nature into Your Bathroom

Plants are a wonderful way to bring nature into your home. Create a bower of plants below your bathroom ceiling. It’s one of those cheap ceiling ideas that can quickly brighten up your bathroom. Indoor plants benefit from humidity so they very often thrive in a bathroom environment.

Most bathrooms don’t have a lot of light so choose plants that will tolerate low light conditions. Alternatively, you could swap the plants out from time to time. Either way, you’ll create a beautiful, tranquil place when you add plants to your bathroom space.

Decorative Arched Bathroom Ceilings

This charming bathroom boasts an unusual arched ceiling that helps to give the narrow room a little more width. The matched wallpapered wall lend the room a sense of continuity. Overall, the bathroom stands out as one that oozes understated luxury and quiet elegance. Who wouldn’t want to end a busy day in this bathroom with a glass of red wine and a good book?

Make Your Recessed Bathroom Ceiling Standout

Recessed Bathroom Ceiling

This classic bathroom shows just how a recessed bathroom ceiling can dress up the room. The two-tone paint highlights the beauty of the ceiling décor and the surrounding moldings. The grey recess almost frames the room while the white center brings it together in cool, cohesive, and elegant unity.

Industrial Style Bathroom Ceiling

Industrial Style Bathroom Ceiling

Isn’t this bathroom simply stunning? If you’re a city person, this may be the style you are looking for! This lovely arched and industrial bathroom ceiling idea is super authentic and modern. It goes so well with the bath. The lights and soft touches make the room inviting and well balanced.

Bathroom Ceilings with Statement Lights

Bathroom Ceilings with Statement Lights

Style up a large bathroom with statement lights. Consider your options from chandeliers to elaborate cast-iron Pendant lights. This playful light fitting cleverly mimics bubbles, the perfect overhead treatment above a tub. The bathroom ceiling needs no upgrade or renovation, but the addition of the light adds whimsy to the room.

Perhaps you don’t have the time to wallpaper or tile your bathroom ceiling. Still, a sumptuous light may be all you need to upgrade your bathroom and make it something special.

Create Ambiance with Downlighting

Create a serene atmosphere by installing downlighting in your bathroom ceiling. Downlights are a lot subtler than a single source of light and you can position them so that they shine their light in just the right places. You can also use individual lights to illuminate recesses for soap and the like. Downlights are low on energy consumption and they’re long-lasting. Downlighting tends to lend the room a modern and sophisticated outlook.

Track Spotlights on Your Bathroom Ceiling

Bathroom Ceiling Spotlights - cheap bathroom ceiling idea

Spotlights is one of my favorite bathroom ceiling ideas because it offers the perfect lighting solution. It is also a reasonably cheap bathroom ceiling idea. With spotlights, you can hone in on the areas, like the cosmetics mirror and tub, that most need the light. Spotlights ensure that you’re never without the right amount of illumination but you can still maintain the tranquil ambiance of the bathroom. After all, for busy parents sometimes the bathroom is your only refuge at the end of a busy day.

Bathroom Ceiling Décor Ideas

There are so many bathroom ceiling ideas to spruce up one of the most visited rooms in any house. Your bathroom shouldn’t be a dark and dingy space. It should invite you in and encourage you to linger and enjoy the comforts of a warm soak at the end of a busy day in the office. Have you got a bathroom ceiling idea we didn’t cover? Please share with us 🙂 Happy renovating!